Monday, February 20, 2012


So considering I haven't shown any work recently I wanted to share (at least in type) that I have in fact been busy making things.  At the end of last year a good friend and I decided to try opening our own little shop. Due to a bumpy start to our year we are still in the process of building up products to sell but we have the beginnings to a web site and will be opening an Etsy shop and another blog dedicated to what we create soon.
The shop is called  "Little Hen Studio" and you can peek at the web site Here!
I hope to have a lot more to share soon! -but in the mean time have been getting used to having to juggle one too many hats :)
Hope you have a lovely start to the week!


  1. Good luck with 'Little Hen Studio', lovely logo!x

  2. Looks freshening to me,
    dear Kristen,
    your little hen studio and your photos here.

    Good luck!

    x Ariane.

  3. Yippee! Little Hen!! Cute store front, too!

  4. ... how i love that name dear kristen! wish you all the best for your project, you know i am your fan! hugs, julia

  5. Thank You! I'm hoping it works out for the both of us and doesn't make me too crazy in between ;)

  6. What a lovely selection of photos! Love the artwork! Congrats on the new shop. I look forward to seeing it develop. Best of luck. :)