Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One of those days...

That starts off having so many things to do that I end up walking around in circles not doing anything.
This gets frustrating so I give up on doing something and just concentrate on what I am doing right now.
Here are the things I've noticed;
many loud birds calling to each other in the trees
bee's collecting pollen on some crocus that have opened
driving with the windows down and noticing that we all are in need of haircuts
explaining to Phoebe that her tooth that is "loose" will come out when it's ready
seeing all of the branches that need to be cleaned up in the yard
then thinking it's technically not Spring yet so they can stay where they are for a bit longer.
what have you been noticing lately??


  1. I love your blog Kristen....love you photos, your writing, the way you put your thoughts together.....all of it....& now you have a new blog which looks great too!....Well done!

  2. Dear Kristen,
    I know that feeling... walking around in cicles. Sometimes I immediately sat down, equal in which room I am (in our 'Castle'), phew.
    Your Phoebe looks very sweet... that poise... that trustfulness, wonderful.

    I've noticed that you like the theme (hopefully, means you're in?)
    and that my son and I needs a haircut, too.

    I've noticed while I'm sorting my 'archive' that I am what I am since umpteen years. Nothing has changed in a big way, in my heart.

    A little bit calming, a little bit unsettling.

    Have a nice day,
    x Ariane.

  3. i'm struggling in endless to-do lists at the moment, the more lists i make, the more i forget. hm haircut is a good theme, i guess i'm looking for the perfect one since i think about haircuts. lucky chickens/or any animal, they have one nice dress for everyday, thats it... love, julia

  4. the sentence
    'driving with the windows down and noticing that we all are in need of haircuts'
    made me smile

    walking in circles, that's me
    so many things to do but not doing anything, me again
    so I walk the dog in the woods
    see nature pushing, buds getting bigger
    hear the birds, see two pigeons making a nest
    smell the hair and faces of my boys after playing outside
    enjoy the silence in the house while drinking coffee
    something like that
    sitting and watching the moment
    thinking it's ok

  5. Dear Kristen, my garden is definitely in need of some clearing up as tulips, daffodils etc. are trying to push through. I can't wait to start painting again and there are some unfinished projects waiting.
    But i had to come and look around here how eveyone is doing :)
    I'm telling myself not to rush, to start calm and get in the rhythm slowly so for the moment i am just admiring my pansies outside and watching the beautiful posts(love the mood of that 2nd photo) of you all out there and that's a great way to get back on the track, x