Saturday, April 14, 2012

Drawing Challenge

I am a Capricorn. Technically I'm a cusp with Aquarius- which makes me a bit of both
Supposedly I'm 

Practical and Prudent
Ambitious and Disciplined
Patient and careful 
humorous and Reserved 

as well as

Pessimistic and Fatalistic 
Miserly and Grudging

I think that's pretty close except all the talk of the "new " zodiac signs
I may have to take another look ;)

Join more star signs over at Tiny Wolf's Blog!


  1. Dear Kristen,
    oh, very exciting!
    Your print(?) is both very close and excentrical. Seemingly known... serious and with a big surprise and lots of humor.
    Love the lines of the Capriquarious and behind it. Also the stars above... well done!

    There are so many aspects in our horoscopes yet... new zodiac sign would totally overcharge me. (Maybe its time for sleep now...)


  2. Dear Kristen, I find your pictures exquisite and delicate. A lovely, crative post, thank you x Leena

  3. what a beautiful work
    loving the dark bit
    the lines
    did you print it in a book?
    I can see words shimmering through
    those lines, soft and strong
    the colors
    yep, I love it

  4. beautiful image the colour palette is rich and Im loving the layering. nice work!

    Helen :)

  5. i'm am going to ignore this new sign thing totally but your work wooow, that is something i'm so pleased to look at, i love it, totally beautiful !x

  6. Wonderful pictures! What is this new sign thing?

  7. I'm in love with your drawing! That's all I can say. Really really SO beautiful!

  8. Kristen, how did I miss your Zodiac post?
    This drawing is wonderful! What is it painted on? Watercolour or acrylics?I love how the text shows in the bottom half.

  9. WOW. superbeautiful, i know i'm saying it again and again, but i love your work. xxx julia

  10. Indeed, this is a lovely piece! I love the dark background with the white. :)

  11. hi there aquarius cusp... ;)
    seems i'm terrificly late visiting your bloggy. i love what you've done here. yeah, i think i totally dig the electricity in your first drawing.
    cheers for playing!