Sunday, April 1, 2012


Color always makes me smile...

Black and White too...

I am blessed to have so much to smile about in my life...but I think it's really because I choose to see joy, I allow the smile to reappear- even after despair or grief or anger, because I know it's who I truly am .
For much more to smile about please see Lena 's blog ...and scroll down :)


  1. Thank you for a cheerful post with happy smiles and fabulous colors of your work:) Have a nice week, Kristen! x Leena

  2. hi kristen, never looked upon it this way, but colour does make one smile... and so does your square, funnily enough.

  3. beautiful post full of joy
    the picture of your children just great
    I have similar once of mine
    when they were that same age
    now the getting older they smile in a different way
    but still beautiful and dear to me


  4. I want to walk into that square, be surrounded by the joy of colour and smile.
    Great shot of beautiful happy kids full of life, xx

  5. Me gives the picture of your kids

  6. those smiles are contagious!!! how cute!

  7. Dear Kristen,
    I smile, giggle, am cheery looking at your kids! Cute, happy kids!
    Your painting reflects wonderfully what you've said about smile. Choosing to see joy, allow the smile to reappear, even after dispear. Like those colours... even when they are dulled, light allow to re-shine.
    And you allow us the smile reappear, on and on... soulsister.

    Love, Ariane.

    PS. wooden bowl has arrived... make me smile, too.

  8. Yup, I'm smiling! And I just became your newest follower! Smiling at life makes one happier inside.

  9. Welcome Carole!! This was a fun challenge :)