Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Week

I finally got to spend some time cleaning and organizing my work space today.
I've been busy as a bee working on Little Hen projects and the paper and fabric
scraps have been floating around all over the place. 
Which is great because I just joined the 
over at Brown paper have til Friday to jump in on it if you want - it looks good!


  1. ah, spring really is the best time of the year!

    I used to have frogspawn and tadpoles every year when I was a kid.
    (why do we stop doing things like that when we get older?)

  2. honestly Barbara this is the first time we found them since I was a kid too so I'm getting a real kick out of it :)

  3. your house is looking sunny. and clean. wow!

    may i invite you to the drawing challenge on the weekend of april 14-15th, and would very much like you to join.
    come and have a peek at this.
    in the meantime,
    and happy sunday!