Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Fairly Fractured Fairy Tale...

There was a little hedgehog walking in the forest. He was looking for a friend

Not far away, in the desert there was another hedgehog.
they were both very lonely.

They both saw a large mountain in the distance and thought,
 "If I climb to the top of that mountain, maybe I can see a friend."

It was a hard climb, filled with danger and a couple times both hedgehog thought 
"I don't know if I can go on!"

But- they finally made it to the top and to their surprise...

They found a big picnic/party- and they all lived happily ever after :)

Thanks Tatjana for the wonderful drawing challenge-
 visit more fairy tales from around the world at her Blog!

And to Phoebe for helping me create this little word :)


  1. surprise, surprise!
    and the rocks are alive, they are...!

  2. yes, sometimes we have to climb mountains!
    thanks, this was sunny!

  3. oh how very sweet AND exiting! and he made it, i love happy ends...
    ♥♥♥ julia

  4. sweet!!!
    lovely story Kristen
    thank you!

    Patrice A.

  5. OMG
    this is my favourite!
    I love all of it the story the images the staging just perfect. :)

  6. That is a such happy story, made me smile, thank you!

  7. Cute as a button these creatures are. What a picnic. What a party. The effort was worth it. And one never knows, with effort, where one might find ones' self. Great story. Love this! *smiles* Norma

  8. what a joy! i love the adventure of the hedgehog and the happy end!

    thank you so much! i smile....

  9. oh, this is so sweet! I love your little hedgehog story very much!! It makes me happy that he finds so many friends and have so much fun! :-))

  10. aahh, :) another heartwarming post, i bet you and Phoebe had such fun, and i bet the making of this fairy-tale was in a way, a fairy-tale too, x

  11. Ooh, this is a very nice story and a great picnic , love it


  12. Very sweet,
    dear Kristen,
    and I even love the imagination of you and Phoebe playing and creating this world!