Sunday, May 6, 2012

Underwater Life/Love

This weeks drawing challenge is from Julia! underwater life/love...and oh so lovely it is!
In another lifetime I would like to be Jacques Cousteau
Right now I'm too much of a land lubber ;)
but learning and thinking and dreaming of all the other worldly things happening in the oceans-
 has occupied many of my thoughts since I was a child. I love tide pools, snorkeling, aquariums, floating and swimming...I'm just not so good in boats- unless it's a kayak.
Check out more underwater imaginings- The Life Aquatic...some of my favorite undersea creatures.


  1. My dear water lover Kristen, now beeing in exil as a land lubber...
    your paiting is just wonderful, very colourful as Jaques personally hold the light out of his submarine!
    Even great photos... that yellow fish!! Oh my... what a amazing creature.
    Thank you!


  2. Replies
    1. Hey Barbara- my tadpoles are still just eggs...but I see them changing shape inside so I'm still hopeful they will grow- but it's taking an awful long time...

  3. I love the zoom-in effect and depth in your painting dear Kristen,and yes, me too very grateful to Jacques Cousteau for showing us that amazing waterworld.
    Those creatures which defy the wildest imagination, i had to look twice to recognize a seahorse in disguise, just beautiful! xx

  4. Kristen, the colours you used in your painting are awesome! Strong and interesting and the shapes remind me of paintings by Matisse in his later years. And Picasso!! Do you sell your work? (paintings?)
    *smiles* Norma

    1. Hi Norma- welcome! I have sold a few things here and there in the past, right now in my life I juggle a number of hats so I feel blessed to be able to make anything ;)

  5. Hi Kristen! Thanks for the link. I watched the video and it made me smile in remembrance of Jacques Cousteau. What an interesting man he was!
    Your painting of the underwater scene makes me want to the beach to find some life/love!

  6. Jacques Cousteau!!!
    my brother and I watched that
    together when we were kids
    nostalgia ;^))
    your painting full of joy
    all those colors
    great work!
    my brother who is diving/snorkeling
    told me about all the beauty
    down there
    I am a water lover but
    from aside, not to dive in


  7. hihi, my stepfather looked exactly like jaques cousteau.
    love your painting dear kristen, the pink and the red... and i want to dive, without getting hurt, between all these beautiful jellyfishes.
    xox julia

  8. mysterious and beautiful! great painting!

  9. this is crazy beautiful! i love all of the bright colors.

  10. Hi Kristen, I so agree with you, Jaques Cousteau is such an inspiration! (still 'is' for me)And such a delight to dive into all this underwater beauty:)

  11. i find underwater worlds fascinating like that, perhaps because they feel like treasures for the few times we do get glimpses of them?
    your interpretation is so cheerful, full of colour!
    sorry being such a late visitor..., perhaps bumping into you again this weekend.