Sunday, June 10, 2012

Drawing Challenge and Give Away

Killing 2 birds with one stone as they say and a little give away to boot.

This week I spent getting ready for a craft fair that was all day yesterday.
I spent time making these pins to sell and while I was fretting about getting everything done and participating in the drawing challenge this week with the theme  "Letters"  hosted by Mano please check her blog out for more!!
Anyway-I had a light bulb in my head go on to combine them somehow...
So I pinned the brooches to vintage post cards (a favorite of mine!) and then thought it would be appropriate to actually mail one out as a letter :)
So if you'd like to participate leave me a note saying so and I'll let you pick which little pin/card you'd like me to send to you .
I'll close this offer on Thursday the 14th and announce the winner on Friday the 15th. Hope you have a nice week- now I'm off to help about 25 kids tie dye t-shirts for an end of the year cook out...(wish me luck!)


  1. Oh Kristen, I love all of them! Wonderful way to present the pins on vintage postcards! Cross my fingers I'll win this amazing giveaway!! Hard to choose one, 'cause they're all great, but I have to, so I'd love to give the red cat and the postcard-deers a new home...

    Happy sunday eve from tanïa

  2. combining the old with something new and hand-made,splendid idea and they match so well,a feast of colour, i love the sea waves.

    25 kids, tie dye t-shirts!? oh my , have fun :)

  3. What fun inspiration, Kristen! The pins on cards really make the pins POP visually. Really fab. Okay so now I'm going to see which one speaks to right back...oh YES it is the yellow bird with the yellow train behind and of course I love yellow (look at my name nom de plume!) *smiles* Norma

  4. Wonderful pins and wonderful old postcards - however, the one who gets it will be a lucky one. I would. :-)

    Greets, Katja

  5. Kristen, this is a brilliant way to display your amazing pins! Also a brilliant and generous giveaway. I am a rabbit fan so I think it's my favourite. Oh, wait, not I like the pincushion too. the chicken!
    Good luck with the tie dying! Carole

  6. 25 kids dyeing t-shirts, good luck!

    I love your post
    the combination, the colors, the idea
    all of it!
    and yes
    I would LOVE to receive one
    fingers crossed

  7. I love them all, too! so beautiful vintage cards with your fabulous pins: great combination! my favourites are the deers with the funny cat and the harbour with the owl. It would be great to receive one of your pins! :-)
    I hope the children have been good ;-)
    xx mano

  8. kristen, i've been looking and looking at these. ha, i don't have the words. this patchwork is so joyful, and kitschy and interesting!
    and comical, did i say?
    the postcards are divine, of course. also reminding me of the colour-by-number tat that i have grown to love. not that at any stage i've done an attempt to colour anything in.
    oooooh, if ever this giveway should happen to land a-here, i already know which whimsical effort o' yours to chose.... !!!! {hope you haven't sold it either!!}. i'm being a little overexcited, i'll say.... ;)))

    you have made me smile, and that's something, after laying 3 square meters of floor down. in one whole day. honestly! how'd i go that slow anyway?
    and good luck!!

  9. Kirsten,these pins are gorgeous!! I hope your craft fair ws nice with nice weather :-)
    Well, yes yes,the orange one with that lovely little figure with red cheeks in it :-)

  10. I spent a long time visiting your blog, and I love it!
    The letter-post is gorgeus, lovely pins!
    I would like cat-pin most, but they are all great!
    Nice to meet you here! I will come back soon....(practice me to write comments in english.... puh!)

  11. Wonderful combination! I like the natural colors and the cyan contrast. Und schön, dass jemand eine Chance bekommt, eins zu ergattern ;)

    Liebe Grüße . Tabea

  12. What a lovely idea to combine your beautiful pins with the old postcards and then to send one of them to someone! I'm happy to have found your blog via Mano's drawing challenge!

  13. Animals! These are magical and wheeee fun! Love them animals the mostest. I was talking about you and B yesterday to my BF. We planted and i felt like a garden painter trying to plan on color and how it would all come up.
    Hope you are well, fingers and toes and tails crosses that I am a lucky duckling.
    Emily T

  14. The kids + t-shirts + you are well, right,
    dear Kristen?!
    Your vintage postcards are really adorable,
    all of them, even your pins in combination! Wow, its quiet hard to choose onely one... I'd take them all. But one... I love the seaside... so the breakers and blush sky with abstract, pretty pin... sigh.

    Wonderful idea!


  15. Now Kristen Im not sure how I missed this post but I love it and I love that you combined the 2 one has to be resourceful when ones life gets busy. Look at the result gorgeous on all levels!

    I popped over to let you know there will be a quick response challenge this week hosted over at my blog if you are interested in participating.

    H x