Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drawing Challenge this week...Who am I

Who am I?
How can one possibly answer that question completely or honestly.
 I believe we are all so much more than what we seem.
We are gems with millions of facets, tarnished, shiny, chipped and worn
but luminous above all. Contained in the vehicle of a body is how 
we show ourselves to the world but it doesn't take a genius to see that what
goes on inside is so much more.

This weeks drawing challenge is hosted by lovely Patrice :)
and she asks a big question...


  1. Love both words and artwork!
    Such a beautiful way to combine your photo with bride coloured graphics! I would love to have this as a postcard on my fridge! ;o)

    ♥ tanïa ♥

  2. A gem,
    dear Kristen,
    I love this image!
    The idea, your words and artwork.
    Those facets... colourful and changing as life is. Wonderful photo from/of you.
    Altogether simply great.

    I'd like to meet you in real life.


  3. "speaking words of wisdom... let it be..."
    wow, those ARE wise words, kristen.
    yes, the geometry is surprising.
    also a little native american!
    and that's the humor of it...

  4. Your drawing really adds to your musings. Nice to meet you, sus

  5. your portrait is captivating.
    and in harmony with your words.
    that means to me that you are true to yourself.

    thank you, so nice to to have met you :)

  6. hello you!
    what a great portrait
    with all the facets of you in it
    and your wise words

    thank you for showing, joining and sharing!
    Patrice A.

  7. You're so right and the way you visualized it is perfect! Barbara

  8. love your words, they are so true
    love how your art-photo depicts your words
    really beautiful, xx

  9. Your picture with many colors and and sharp forms with that determination of your face gives me an impreassion of a strong and steady personality. Your words are wise and true, thanks, x Leena

  10. love your face, love your words, so wise and just how i feel it too.
    big hug, julia

  11. Kristen your face is so cute!! I hope these words don't bug you...I mean it in an honest way. I like that prism sculptural visual in the shot. This theme was a big one hey? It is nice meeting you, *smiles* Norma