Monday, June 18, 2012

June = Strawberries

June is always a busy transition month here. 
School ending and summer scheduling beginning I usually don't get to wind down till July.
 But there is one thing I always manage to get to...
and that's a strawberry patch for picking. 
The past few years Phoebe comes to help and it's always a good time.
She tells me in fact that she loves it so much that when she grows up she either wants to be a 
strawberry farmer...or Queen of the Bunnies.
either way it sounds like a good gig ;)


  1. maybe she could be a strawberry farming Queen of the Bunnies?
    (Marie Antoinette had a farm in Versailles, didn't she)

  2. I'm a bit late with my comment, I just wanted to say how much I like your brooches-vintagepostards-idea!!!
    and barbara's "strawberry farming Queen of the Bunnies" sounds like a good name for a band :)

  3. Sweet Phoebe as a Queen of yummy Strawberries sounds like a good idea,
    dear Kristen.
    Delicious images,
    mouth watering.


  4. ... and congrats to woolfy Nadine!

  5. ahhhhh strawberries!
    I have a few months before I get to enjoy fresh ones nice to see yours though and it looks like everyone had fun harvesting too!

    Helen x