Thursday, June 28, 2012

work in progress

June has just flown by.
Remember this painting- it's still not finished but I
decided to hang it in an actual room for a bit to look at it in another
environment (ie out of my basement)
I bet Larry, the guinea pig, would love to get
his chompers on those daisy stems. 
He's such a good little vegetarian! I wish I was better at it- 
I think I'm going to hunt around for a new vegetarian cook book
this summer.
Check out Norma this week for the drawing challenge using your non dominant hand to create!
Yipes :)


  1. is this painting really not finished? it looks so very good just how it is.
    oh and i like harry, i once had one of his kind/color, his name was pebbels and his hair was very long, one day i decided to bite my mother for a good reason, but the next day he had to move out... xx julia
    ps. please let me know about your new cook book decision!

  2. Hi Kristen, I totally agree with Julia for me your fabulous painting looks perfect the way it is - I like a lot. If you still feel urged to continue what about a little deer hiding behind a tree and only looking at the viewer? Or Larry? He is such a sweet little piggy - as I child I had one also with same colours but curly hair her name was Susi.
    Same same but different.
    My son is vegetarian I'm also interested in your cook book.
    Have a nice weekend. Barbara

  3. hi kristen!
    so happy, overly happy to tell you rooster is now residing in my bathroom trinkets tablet, next my lenses, for better viewing. ;)))
    i must thank you for adding that vintage train image too... they go together, like bramlamala, dedingededingdedong. yeah?
    i'd dare putting them on together too!
    anyway, today rooster is traveling with me to ghent, so's you know.
    and later, we'll meet again, over this nondominant thingy. right?
    a huge thank you to you, once again.

  4. Kristen, your painting is stunning! Your gerbil and my bunny would have some fun sharing a daisy and kale salad. Happy weekend to you.