Sunday, July 1, 2012

Drawing with the non dominant hand....

I feel like there should be a da da da the end of that title.
Using the "wrong " hand has always been a vague issue for me being left handed.
 I am always noticing that most things are designed for right handed people...and while I think that has made me more ambidextrous naturally I also remember having my teachers in school try to get me to use my right hand when I was learning how to write- "just sit on your left hand and then you won't smudge up your work"
I commiserate with my Father in law- who is also a south paw (ie left handed).
Drawing with the non dominant hand - this weeks challenge from Norma was actually very fun!
As you can see my daughter had to get on it (she is right handed) and we both laughed a lot making the last drawing- titled- "The little girl who can't wait to jump into the giant cup of colorful blueberries!"
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Kristen, this is such a sweet post! Working together with your daughter brought a sigh into my heart and lump in my throat. Love, love the title of the drawing!

  2. what a lovely post
    and yes, your daughter did a great job
    and like Carole, it moved me

    thanks for sharing!
    and also your beautiful windowsill!!!!
    like I said before
    what a grand place to sit
    and draw....


  3. Beautiful idea, beautiful drawing, beautiful girls (omg you have short hair!)

    The pine cone looks like a hedgehog ;)

  4. sweet Kristen, imagining how the two of you had fun in your lovely studio, i want to jump into that cup of blueberries with you, the pictures feel so good.
    your daughter's little face drawing those berries is touching indeed, x

  5. Even with the wrong hand, you drawing still looks like your drawing, and make mine look, well, ...

  6. oh, I love all your pictures - the one of you and your daughter is so wonderful! and your paintings look beautiful.
    I think you had fun!

  7. i hadn't seen this yet, kristen.
    and now i have!
    you too... you're a good team!