Monday, July 9, 2012

Taking a little time away from the computer and my camera as it turns out (I forgot it doh!) turns out to be 
therapeutic. While I love love love my camera I find that many times I'm not as involved with actually living life because I'm recording it instead...I'm sure this is a common scenario and really doesn't mean I'm done with pictures- just a bit more aware of taking a lot of ways isn't that what summer has come to mean?? :)


  1. Enjoy your break! Happy summer to you, Kristen!

  2. what a wonderful place! wish you beautiful days! :-) mano

  3. I totally understand
    enjoy your break
    and if this is your house
    I am jealous, so, so jealous


  4. yes, i know what you mean. it´s so tempting to take photos. trying to capture everything forth seeing and beautiful. still, it´s much more important that we really focus in being. enjoy, fully live!
    all the best!
    your view is beautiful, reminds me of my childhoods place.

  5. I'm sighing, dear Kristen.
    Sigh about beeing mostly with my camera. I know what you mean. And I feel naked without my camera. Am I suffering from addiction?
    Sigh about taking a break...
    Sigh about this beautiful view... is that yours?? with that pretty big cushions. wow. I'd take a break.


  6. you are so right. finding balance between seeing it and living it, is it.