Friday, November 16, 2012

Drawing Challenge this weekend

I'm in the habit of seeing things the way I want to see them

I have the habit of  picking things up

I think I'm in the habit of feeding my cat too much...

 Hope you had fun with this weekends drawing challenge
please visit  more versions on the theme...(my other habit, visiting these lovely ladies)


  1. Hi there! I love your paintings and I do recognize all those habits (although I feed dogs instead). Can I join you all in the challenge? Or am I too late? I've missed the drawing challenge for months and now I want to get back in business ;) I'll start working immediately and post today or maybe tomorrow morning. And if you're looking for a host for next time - I'm also in :)

    Your new drawing friend,
    Elisabeth (formerly Textilspanieln, now turning into Garnapa)

    1. No problem!! I just added you and don't worry about timing :)

  2. well, it certainly made me think right through habits, this weekend. aren't they weird, our daily routines, and patterns?
    or else, truly personal, is another way of looking at them.
    defining us.
    cheers! refreshing...

  3. Oh yes, I had and still do for example when I watch your lovely paintings and read about your cat. You have a good way to see!
    thanks for the inspiring theme,
    x Stefanie

  4. I made it! :) And now I also know Patrice is hosting next week. Already looking forward to it! And now I'll check out all the other habits...

    See you next time!

  5. Love your paintings, beautiful colours and soft lines! And I absolutely know about the pet-feeding-thing...I mean, how can you resist feeding too much, if they have this special you-know-what-I-mean-look in their eyes? "Pleeeeeease, I'm starving!"
    Nope, can't resist. Impossible. Luckily our dog is a little rocket and runs all calories away!
    ♥liche Grüße

  6. oooh such lovely paintings Kristen! and habits yes those things we do everyday without thought.

    I will be a little late but would like to join in your drawing challenge if its not too late.
    I have a house full of guests and its a bit busy at the mo!

    Have a great weekend

    Helen :)

  7. you describe habits we all have in common, with particular twists and turn.

    fun art....

  8. I love these vignettes illustrative of your habits, Kirsten. This was a good challenge theme. Thanks for suggesting it. -sus

  9. Dear Kristen,
    your paintings are great. Love how you look at things... and that mirroring in the cup of tea... marvellous!
    I even see things that I wanna see... last time I've seen a wonderful painting of a rose, red on a white ground... it was a discarded cardboard for fries and it was not a rose but a remain of ketchup...


  10. Kristen please never lose the magic quality of seeing things the way you want to see them. When you show your vision artistically (painting for example) then we see something glorious and interesting and that tells a story. This is magic. Thank you for that!!!!! Hugs, Norma, x

  11. I'm fascinated by the paintings of your habits! they are so true - and so beautiful!
    ha, ha, the cat - I know their pathetical mew and their haunted looks!
    thank you for this interesting theme, I had fun with it! :-) mano

  12. Kristen, these are absolutely beautiful, the pitcher in the first one, perfect, the wood in the second one and the patchwork of things on the ground, perfect again,the reflection and cat in the last one, gorgeous, i can keep looking at these paintings, they are so 'alive'
    what a great way to show your habits xx

  13. dear Kirsten

    I am far too late
    but finally post my habit
    and wauw....
    your paintings are wonderful!
    loving that last one
    with coffee in your hand
    enjoying the outside world
    and your cat ;^))

    with love

  14. your paintings!!!!
    they are great, i love love the way you paint and your
    personal use of colors. and i like your habits too!
    that was a great theme dear kristen, and it feels so good
    that we are all same same but different ;)
    big hug and greetings to your guinea pig, it looks like my cat, julia

  15. I'm sorry I couldn't join with your challenge but it was to busy writing letters! But your paintings are great, beuatiful colours wow!!

  16. these images are amazing! love your painting!