Sunday, November 25, 2012

Drawing Challenge

The drawing challenge this weekend was hosted by the very talented 
Patrice - who gave us the fairy tale theme of "little red riding hood".
I must admit I have always had mixed feelings about this particular fairy tale.
In my mind why is the wolf so bad when little red is obviously so naive.
So my picture is a bit pro wolf. And maybe little red really wanted to be eaten,
it doesn't look too bad in there...does it ;)
For more check out Patrice's blog- !


  1. i've been waiting for an ode to the wolf.
    i was always sorry for wolf's fate.
    LRRH wasn't, therefore, my favourite fairy tale, although captivating... ;)))
    your colour green is what i need this morning!
    ps- thank you for lending a smile to that wolf too.

  2. you made me smile too! she looks comfortable and protected in that so friendly smiling wolf! i love your interpretation! hugs, julia

  3. wauw!
    what a strong piece!!!!
    and yes! be pro-wolf
    I am ;^))

    I think you are the only one
    not using red, but their is no doubt
    about the tale you tell
    and how did you do this?
    is it cut out, it looks like it
    this is my favorite from this challenge
    thank you!!

    Patrice A.

  4. I agree looks like a safe and comfi place mote like cuddling together

  5. Wonderful, dear Kristen,
    there is so much comfort. Its a marvellous piece. I love it!
    Is it a linocut?
    And, very clever, you didn't used red, but the complementary colour of it, green.

    x Ariane.

    PS. Long time ago I read a book: 'Julie of the Wolves' by Jean Craighead George. A beautiful book about a girl growing up as an inuit with wolves in wilderness. Maybe in a few years a story for your little ones.

  6. really wonderful! and so comfortable ;-)!

  7. your work must be my favorite too this time Kristen because of the image, the composition, the choice of colors and it is so much more than the fairy-tale, my eyes go around the work and are than drawn to that white space in the middle where it feels good, xx

  8. Oh, Kristen, this is one of my favorites of the challenge - reminding me a bit of Kiki Smith's work with wolves and girls. Just wonderful. -sus

  9. Hi, Kristen. Just dropped by from "Objects of Whimsy" blog to enjoy yours. If I had another ten hours a day I would join your challenge! But as it is, I can barely keep up with my textile sketchbook every couple of weeks. Enjoyed seeing your drawings and photography. Have a happy holiday season.
    best from Tunisia,

  10. i love your interpretation, Kristen. This drawing challenge is a wonderful thing for continued practice. How might I take a dip in the pool of challenge? As sabbatical nears finis, I need to continue...xo

    1. Hey Em- you can join in anytime this weekend's theme is here-

  11. Kristen, Thank you! I heard from Patricia, too. You inspire me so thank you for this and for being you. Xo

  12. Everything looks to be in good order to me!! Strong, strong graphics here. Is this a paper cutting? Gosh this is stunning. The colour!!!!!!! Awesome. Hugs, Norma, x