Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012

I've been spending these last days of 2012 decompressing.
One of my little end of  the year rituals is going over the past year
in photos. I always feel like I have a better "picture" (no pun intended)
of how my year went after revisiting these moments.
Things that have changed, months that I was more actively taking pictures,
 months that I was not and what was going on then.
Overall this was a very active year for me- 
a lot of travel, a new business, a few big family events.
I admit I thought I was going to have a real game plan for the coming year
 to post about but instead I've just needed to catch my breath.
And I think this may be a more appropriate way to welcome 2013
in the long run better to be calm and open to the flow of  a new year-
Wishing you all the same :)

(click on collage to enlarge)


  1. Just let me tell you, Kristen, I've enjoyed getting to know you this year through reading your blog and via the drawing challenges. May you have a wonderful year of love, laughter, joy, peace, and creativity. xo Carole

  2. What a lovely collage of last years happy memories. Best wishes for a wonderful 2013!!!

  3. that looks beautiful and light dear Kristen,i enjoyed coming here the past year and look forward to this one, happy 2013!x

  4. Kristen, for you also a Happy,healthy and good 2013!!

    xx Ingrid

  5. Wow, nice pics!
    I love the tree painting.
    Happy 2013

  6. happy 2013! being free is a good feeling, lists are good too but i like the going with the flow idea better too.

  7. Hi Kristen - so glad to have met you through reading your blog and wish you a really terrific new year. Create!! -sus

  8. beautiful pictures!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-) mano

  9. your 2012 look the part! it's nice to look back upon achievements, lest we forget (i speak solely for myself here). i've yet again not looked back in details. i've promised myself i will do that all in one go. ahem.
    all the best for 2013, kirsten!!