Saturday, December 8, 2012

D.C cactus

Thinking about the cactus this week for Nadine's theme this weekend.
I used to have a cactus collection for a long time 
I was quite a bit younger and I think prickly in mood so they
suit me...but I out grew them and gave them all away.
Now thinking about them again they symbolize to me a hearty nature
and usually they have the most amazing flowers once you get past the spines :)
So I made myself a little pin cushion with a cacti on it...and a night time scene.
Check out tiny wolf blog for more prickly - ness 


  1. Dearest Kristen,
    ha! a pin cushion! hilarious and great!
    Your cacti are both beautiful. Did you made the night scene with soft wax crayon?
    The cacti mirrors each other... and even your words nailed it.
    'Prickly in mood'... good to know that something prickly can turn into warm-hearted.

    x Ariane.

  2. well, hey there... look who got inspired! that pin cushion is so... alive!! gorgeous creation for your shop, i think!!
    the nighttime scene makes me want to go swimming, for some reason.
    thanks for playing!!!!

  3. Oh, they are totally lovely. I'm glad to see you drew with needle and thread too! :) I too used to have a collection as a child, but I fell on the collection and my mum had to pick those tiny nails from my hands for hours, and my feeling for real cactuses never became positive again :) I prefer your soft ones!


  4. great idea! wonderfully executed, the background so softly colored, the stitches around, every detail fits,

    the purpose of the spines is protection, protecting itself from the heath and drying out and from being eaten,yes, they are earthly creatures too ;) xx

  5. Ha, this is just lovely! A cactus pin cushion! Somehow self-evident, but I wouldn't have come up with that in a million years!
    Love the term of "prickly mood" in context of your younger age, too! I think we all know that! ;o))

    Happy weekend!

  6. These are so colorful! The pin cushion is a great idea. xo

  7. a cactus-pincushion, what a great idea!!
    and that second drawing....
    as if there is light from inside

    liked your story too

    Patrice A.

  8. lovely pin cushion and drawing! Beautiful and so different.

  9. I bet your lovely pin cushion will be extra prickly once the pins are poking out it! Your drawing is spectacular.

  10. ha, ha - a cactus cushion! wish you a good sleep... ;-)
    and your night time cactus is really great!
    :-) mano

  11. your pin cushion is so perfect in it's stitching and the colors! Oh, and a little cheeky as well.
    your nighttime cactus is magical, indeed!

  12. lovely needlework Kristen so nice to see cacti in thread! and I agree with Rachel your night cactus is magical love the colours and texture.

    Helen x