Saturday, December 15, 2012

D.C. shelter

I had a post figured out... a paper cut to show,
but the news we had yesterday 
about a horrible shooting at an elementary school 
that I really can't bear to hear fully, has given
me a revised perspective on this weekends theme Shelter.
Dear Renilde picked a wonderfully synchronistic theme and
her words this week ring true except that I would add
The only lasting shelter we have in this world is love.


  1. Dear Kristen you spoke true words. I heard it yestetday evening and had to change the channel, because I couldn't stand it. Especially ( and of course always) at this time of the year! They might had presents and plans for the christmas holidays and then? Everything gone....
    It' s so terrible!

  2. thanks for your words Kristen, you are so right, love is a lasting shelter indeed, knowing that kind of love is the only thing protecting us from losing our mind especially in situations like these, thank you so much for reminding us,xx

  3. Oh Kristen, this picture is so beautiful. It's the most possible contrast to those horrible news, which I couldn't stand to watch fully, either. Still hope, love will finally prevail, but sometimes it's hard to imagine when switching through the news...
    I have to admit, this picture makes me feel a bit blue, too, due to the fact that I'm living alone. 'Cause this is what I'm sometimes longing for: keeping or being kept by someone. I once had that, so I know what present that is...
    Best wishes!

  4. loving the picture you show
    and yes, that horrible shooting
    is on our minds too
    we talked about it this morning
    with our kids
    who can't image somebody
    does a thing like that
    strange world we live in
    holding, care for and loving
    THE best things there are

    Patrice A.

  5. Dear Kristen,
    '(...) Love, sister its just a kiss away (...)' Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter, 1969

    Beautiful picture. Lovely. True words.

    x Ariane.

  6. i'm sorry for such terrible news. it does lend yet another dimension to the meaning of shelter. i hate news like that, it does stop people in their tracks, and it does make us think. and ponder.
    yes. oh yes. love.

  7. All our hearts have been broken I think, by this tragedy which - as you so aptly say - I can't bear to hear fully. Love is the only thing that matters, and how we need it now, now, now. So I wish you the comfort of the shelter of those you love, dear Kristen. -sus

  8. very touching, your picture is just right. and it is a beautiful expression of shelter.
    So sorry for this.
    x Stefanie

  9. yes, touching - your words and your picture!

  10. K, i know exactly what you mean. ! Still so mixed up from the news.
    Xo beautiful sheltering arms of your children. Lots of safety and love .