Monday, February 11, 2013

Spending today recovering my sore back from all the shoveling that was done over 
the weekend- whew!
We now have instant winter and hope to actually get some sledding in once it settles-
(my back that is)

The hens were patient while we dug them out, but not completely thrilled with the snow
though they did seem to enjoy the sun we got yesterday.


  1. Thinking of you up there. Do hope you get to enjoy the snow at least:). Love the photo of the hens venturing out!

  2. Your poor back! I sort of forget that it's still winter living here on the west coast of Canada. Take care and I hope you and the hens recoop quickly! xo

  3. the hens look a little sceptical! I love the first picture - it's so peaceful! :-) mano

  4. i'm glad your photos look much more idyllic than the images of nemo i saw on TV,
    hope you feel well enough to have some snow fun with your kids, xx

  5. having lots of snow over here, too!

  6. Hello Kristen, you WON!!!
    Please make your final decision and send me your address!
    Love your sceptical looking hens - hope you're o.k. within all the snow masses!
    Love + hugs Barbara

  7. i must say, i like your eye.
    throughout your posts actually.