Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Starting off the week with some color and lines...two of my favorite things.
We had a very gusty storm the end of the week and a huge pine tree fell just missing our house by inches.
The top half got caught up in another tree and broke off other wise it would have landed on us.
So the weekend was spent cutting clearing and lugging limbs and branches-
 the air still smells of pine sap (as do the gloves I used) 
We counted the rings inside - it was 44/45 years old- same age as me this year ;)


  1. Sad hearing about your tree but I'm glad to hear your house is ok. The wind is howling here today too. I must get down to the beach later and see what the waves have brought in. Thanks for the wonderful colours in this post. Happy week to you. xo

  2. Wow! You are very lucky it didn't hit the house (or the chickens). I love the new pouch combo...as much as I love color and line, too...A LOT! glad you are all ok.

  3. goodness... a tree coming say hi! like this, so close to you all, and hugging those celebrated years o' yours... that is like, magic. thank tree tops for not crashing you guys down...

    cheers for your sweet words. i find there's a cunning similarity between your first two images. i like!

  4. Kristen Im happy that you and your house is are safe. I know what it feels like to ahve a near miss and its not nice. That top canvas is very beautiful the colours are lovely.

    Helen x

    I popped over here to see if you wanted to join in my drawing challenge this week would love to have you onboard the theme is postage stamp. Let me know if you are in. :)

  5. so glad the tree missed you! would have been pretty scary.
    love your new pieces ~ especially the top. is it an interpretation of tree rings?

  6. wow, I thought of you when I heard about the blizzard.
    so glad you are all well!!