Sunday, February 24, 2013

We had a big date with winter while the kids were on vacation this week.
sledding, snowshoeing, skiing
cold noses, wet socks...
I am so ready for Monday and perhaps a Tropical vacation
from my "vacation"


  1. Oh, Kristen, I hear you. We had a return to snow last night, and although it is pretty, so is white sand and I could use some heat. happy week, sus

  2. hi Kristen,
    same here in good old Vienna, we had our third time of really a lot of snow. wouldn't be winter without it! and march (spring) is alreadyy just around the corner...

  3. Dear Kristen,
    we have grey in grey here in Hamburg with temperatures around the freezing point...
    So bright snow is a beauty in my eyes... but the tropical vacation is my goal today ;)
    Thank you, Dear.

    x Ariane.

  4. sitting by the fan . . .
    imagining how cold this is! still looks so pretty tho :)

  5. Hi Kristen, thats a lot of snow! Like Ariane (I life pretty close) its grey, dark and ugly outside, so I would join in that tropical vacation or we just visit Belinda.
    Stay warm!

  6. Oh man, Kristen, that's a lot of snow and cold! No wonder you're dreaming of a tropical holiday. I hope spring is on its way for you.

  7. great images, and stunning view from your place.
    ps - i want your windows.

  8. Love these photos but I can't say I miss all that snow ...pretty as it is!