Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Work in progress...isn't that true, what we all are.

Anyway I've been playing around with these and am making more.
They are fun to mix up get different patterns.
I've been calling them God's eyes from This! reference of childhood  
but Belinda from Gretchenmist noted that they seem like the rings inside a tree,
I like that too!


  1. This is beautiful! I love the colors....really love it! Kristen you are always so creative & clever. I am always happy to see your latest project.

  2. Dear Kristen,
    can't tell you how much I like your God's eye(s)! Its tradition and wisdom, classic mean ageless. Could be from the 20th... Sonia Delaunay... simultaneous contrast! Its calming and thrilling at the same time... love it! Work in progress... so true ;)

    xo Ariane

  3. Hi Kristen

    I was pretty sure I commented here but obviously I didnt. So I wanted to let you know that this is such an amazing piece of work the use of colour and the simple but effective turn of the inner square.

    Helen :)