Monday, March 11, 2013

Thinking spring!
Should I make some bunny ears for the pig?
or is that too much ;)

Look who I caught out the back window eating my ivy
(not that I care)
We've had a herd of 7 deer wintering over in the woods behind our home
and this is the most bold they've gotten coming right up to the house
(the nerve)- no really I was thrilled, and they seemed totally nonplussed
by me waving my camera around

until I opened the door :)
Hope your having a good Monday!


  1. Oh Kristen what wonderful guests and pics of them, next time they'll knock at the door and ask fot food.
    I also started with some springflowers at the front door, but than the snow came. Having them indoors is much smarter ;)
    GO for the ears!

  2. Yes bunny ears deffenitly!! How fabulas to get to see these beautiful deer up so close. Wonderful photos! A real treat!

  3. The pig would look adorable with ears! Great shots of your outside visitors.

  4. yes! guinea pigs with great ears! ha, ha...
    funny deers!
    :)) mano

  5. nice!
    we are about to get one more time of hopefully the last snow this season. (it has already been warm, too)

    happy spring!!

  6. Hi again, I'm hosting this week's Drawing Challenge: Willow and if you'd like to join in go to my blog and I'll add you to the list.