Friday, March 15, 2013

I was talking with a friend this morning about how the edge of Spring can be a very uncomfortable
time of year. Though the sun is brighter and we are all on the hunt for signs of new life, the weather is moody
and the landscape is more often than not ugly. The debris from winter receding is not always aesthetically
pleasing to say the least, and it can feel overwhelming when you have the inklings of spring energy to have to wait until the ground thaws, or dries out to accomplish much outside.
For that reason I often find myself this time of year a bit loco rearranging and cleaning and discarding with in my house. Just to get a different perspective, a new angle or view on life- maybe to see somehow how I've changed as winter recedes with in me.

My husband made me a temporary frame for my "God's eye" piece so I could enter it in a local juried show.
We'll see what comes of it :)


  1. Happy spring cleaning & rearranging! I love the frame husband makes my frames too.....good luck with the show....your piece is beautiful!

  2. i felt that spring energy a few weeks ago, the sun was out and we had 15°C, it felt heavenly, i couldn't stop saying 'oh this is great( dit is geweldig)' then the winter made another(last hopefully) offensive so me to i started rearranging, buying flowers and seeds,... it won't take very long now :)
    your 'god's eye' is radiating with good energy and the frame looks beautiful, good luck, xx

  3. Kristen, I think you have put your finger on the root of why people tend toward the annual ritual of spring cleaning!
    Your God's Eye is a fantastic color-shot. good luck with the show entry.
    xxoo, sus

  4. well done you, and good luck with that show!

    i love how you contain yourself, all while it's clear you've had enough of winter. highly readable! ;)))

    and hey? spring's 'round the corner. early birds outside my window. what a ball...

  5. good luck with the show!!
    everytime you show a part
    of your home I fall in love
    with your windows
    those beautiful wooden windows

    and sunlight!
    please spring
    come soon!

    Patrice A.

  6. It looks so cosy and welcoming at your place, this wonderful light and shadows - yes we need spring soon!
    Good luck with the show and good handyman husband, well done!

  7. ;0) love the photos of your light home. Frame looks good, too, hope you get into the show!

  8. For me the cusp of spring is my favorite time. The world is poised for rebirth. The future is full of promise. Anything is possible. We have the entire spring, summer and fall ahead. And from a practical standpoint, you don't have to shovel snow nor do you have to mow your lawn. Life is good at the edge of spring.