Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some days I feel there is so much to say in my head but when I sit
down to write about it I often go blank.
It's then that I rely on my photos to hint at a mood or a shape or fleeting feeling.
The way the light hits a wall, feeling impermanence, simple work for me.
It's like a secret language that I try to share...
Scenes from my small life.


  1. I know completely what you're talking about, I've the same problem, also often while comenting and in the end it sounds bumpy and akward especially in a foreign language and than I read all the comments of the others and they are so much better than I am and I feel miserable.
    So: no words to your wonderful photos, but I understand and feel it.
    And about sitting outside, yes but not for long and only hidden from the freezing cold winds and we still have snow.
    Wish you a lot of happy days.

  2. don't worry Kristen your photo language is easy to understand or should i say sense, it's like looking through your eyes, noticing, wondering, smiling.
    oh and just noticed another dream egg, love that one too, xx

  3. your images are telling their story
    and it's a story i like very much!
    i would like to sit next to that chair
    before the beautiful green wall
    just sit and watch
    and enjoy the warmth of the sun
    and the smell of the flowers

    Patrice A.

  4. pictures
    worth thousands of words, it's true
    love yours - sus

  5. I love your picture language! :)) mano

  6. Your tea bag is making a heart shape. ;0)

  7. Hi Kristen, I totally get what you're saying. Often the photos lead me into posting and remembering. I always enjoy coming to see your "small" life which is beautiful to me. Oh yes, the sunny spot with the books on the chair seems to be a little bit of heaven!

  8. yeah, i dig that. and it's true. there's these reminders to hep us along. we so need them.