Sunday, April 28, 2013

100th Drawing Challenge - Dance

Patrice chose "dance" for this weeks "100th" drawing challenge!

For me many images come to mind when I think about dancing.
But right now the most relevant thing about dance is a little family tradition
 we have called the "After Dinner Dance Party".
It happens spontaneously in our home a couple times a week, and involves lots of "crazy"
dance moves and excitement over picking songs to listen to.

THIS :) !  is what we listened to last night

 -and here is a little painting I did this morning

I'm probably dating myself.... but I dare you not to dance! ;)


  1. Delightful, Kristen! I love thinking of the after dinner dance party at your house! This painting is a joy.
    xxoo, sus

  2. dear kristen, oh how we used to dance after dinner too. but now my tall children the just feel ashamed when they see their pooooor old mother dancing;) hihi. but like you, i'm dating myself in my studio, careless singing and dancing until i feel alive... i love your rock lobster painting so much and the song and everything from the b'52.
    love, julia

  3. haha, now that is good music
    to dance on after dinner!
    we use to do that
    thank you for reminding me!
    and your drawing
    gave me a HUGE smile ;^))))

    thank you for playing
    and keep dancing!!

    Patrice A.

  4. Awww, love the B-52's, great tune for wild after dinner dancing! In fact, I love the idea much to dance after dinner. Should be a tradition everywhere! It obviously creates good mood, as we can clearly see in both your photo and drawing! :o)

  5. that's a good idea, the after dinner party, I think I'm going to start en new tradition;-) I do dance in my studio when I'm working...hihi. And your painting shows so much fun!

  6. I have not heard this song for years, a spontaneous good-mood song and I like that you dances like crazy after diner, this is perfect!

  7. Oh this is a hoooot! love this...and your little painting, too. teehee twirls, shazam.

  8. haha,super! a home were after dinner parties are held must be a very happy home and good fun i can imagine :) xx

  9. rock! lobster....!!
    oh my, blast from the past...
    too right, i'm shaking!
    your painting so suitable...

  10. I am really touched, dear Kristen!
    The photo of the moving skirt of your daughter (?)... *sigh*... the painting of the under water dance party.... wonderful... crazy dance after dinner?! same her!! and then: B´52! aaaaaha... LOVE IT!
    One day...

    xo Ariane.

  11. I some how missed this sweet post & I just had to say how much I love the adorable dancing photo of your daughter. So so sweet!