Saturday, April 13, 2013

DC - Beauty

All week I've been thinking about the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
I did some reading on the golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers because after looking
around for what makes something beautiful your bound to come across them.
I usually avoid math ;) but since these equations are so prevalent in art and architecture
I decided to spend some time with them and found them rather interesting.

They really describe patterns found everywhere in nature.
To the point that what we identify with as being beautiful is really an expression
of these equations, or more truly vise versa.
So the phrases beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or beauty lies within
is quite literally true- it's something intrinsic in our world and makes up who we are.
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  1. Very interesting, very thoughtful, Kristen. Something certainly to think about further. Thanks.

  2. A simple, perfect, truly beautiful eye. I love that piece.

  3. yes, that ratio and fibonacci!
    we could fill pages with them, and their effect is there, of course.... i am much fascinated by the art aspect of mathematics. complicated... and quirky (which is where my wandering mind gets its satisfaction).

    you couldn't have explained it more comprehensible!
    thxs for playing, kristen!

  4. It seems the more we ponder "beauty" the deeper into science and math we go. There's something wonderful in that. Your drawings are such fine examples, Kristen. Have a great week.

  5. ;^))
    yep, same sentence on my mind
    but your eye

    Patrice A.

  6. Lovely creations- beautiful thoughts and words. such beauty all around. I hope your sick ones are feeling better.

  7. I'm wondering why this didn't come to my mind when I thought about I'm so much into architecture themes, this would have been obvious...too obvious maybe! I totally love your drawings, they are so beautiful! Especially the first one, I'd hang this on my wall. That look is just so catching!

  8. I am not a math lover either, but I love the idea of intrinsic beauty at that microcosmic level. Thanks for this beautiful post, Kristen. Lovely week to you, sus

  9. beautiful drawings and beautiful thoughts, very interesting to follow you!
    x Stefanie

  10. yes very interesting thoughts,
    layers, the deeper one gets, the more questions are answered still more questions, the amazement, the wonder...a wonderful world

    your work, stunning, just love it, xx

  11. I like this scientific related approch, because the look through the scientists eye often reveals completely new looks at the world in detail and in generell and thats very fascinating, like your post! I'm a special fan of the chaos theorie (oh how comes that?) and there you find as well pattern. And often you can find the same pattern in all kind of "things" plants, human organs, animal which is really intriguing.
    Your drawings are by the way very beautiful!
    xxx Barbara

  12. Art and science, are the yin/yang of life. The balance of the two make everything possible I think. I've often marvelled at the mix in the area of psychic sciences. The magic (art) of things that come from grace, and the measured understanding on the atomic level, coming together really blows my mind. Loved your thought provoking post Kristen. Love your drawings. N, xo

  13. dear you
    i want to invite you
    for the 100th!!
    drawing challenge
    i hope you will join

    Patrice A.