Monday, April 8, 2013

Last week kept me busy taking care of sick kids...they went down
fast and in succession and I spent most of my time
tip toeing up and down stairs monitoring temperatures, making soup
and disinfecting.
It did give me the chance to sit down and start working on my own web site,
which I've been talking and not doing anything about since the end of last year.
Of course trying to learn about anything new that is out of my comfort zone is bound
to make me (putting it gently)  "tense"
But I think I'm getting it all -somehow-
 and hope to have something to show you all soon.
Hoping this week has a better sense of normalcy to it than last :)


  1. Sounds tempting, I mean the website, not the sick kids, hope they're doing better now - all because of this damn never ending winter -.
    Looking forward to see your site, what kind of program do you use?
    Have a better week, this week!

  2. poor you
    and kids!!
    but that website sounds great!
    i am no good with computers
    so for about 4 years now
    a friend and i are working on my website
    and it's slowly getting there

    hope the sun will come out
    and you all will have a better week

    a big hug!
    Patrice A.

  3. I hope everybody is feeling better! Such a sweet photo of your little convalescent, hope she is up & about now.

    Good luck with your website!