Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Painting over the Weekend

A long time ago when I was in college I worked at an art gallery that was run by a husband and wife.
The husband was an artist and I worked as an assistant to them. It was a great experience for me
but it ended a little funny- mainly due to financial reasons for them and so I was let go.

Recently I've been thinking about something he said to me at the end when I'm sure he was highly stressed about weather they were going to make it or not-so it came out sounding more terse than it probably should have- but he said to me- "you think that art is just making little tiny things...great art has to be more than that".

At that time I felt he was being critical of me because I tend to work small and of course anyone who is going to "make it" in the art world has to make great big things. 

I was young then and admit it has taken me a long time to become grounded in who I am and why
I make "tiny little things" to begin with. Annamaria has a brilliant post today that made me realize that
it's a drive or desire to find something authentic with in, and that I need to do this for myself .
Because if I ignore it- this creative impulse...well my life is not so great, and it has to be more than that.


  1. Dear Kristen,
    excuse me... I go like a bull at a gate... but: maybe its a male thing... to think 'tiny little things' are not good? I heard the same during study and internship... in the upshot I believed it by myself.

    You tell it here with very wonderful words... its so important... essential!... to go with the creative impuls! And you go with it! Your paintings are great... love every single piece and all together marvellous, too.

    Thank you for the link to Annamaria... sunlight under the kitchen table... a great painting... and such thoughts... such conversation is simply precious.

    Love to you and yours
    xo Ariane.

  2. It is sad how someone's words can crush our creative spirit...often very unintentionally. But it happens to all of us. Good for you for recognizing this & putting it behind you & your "tiny little things"! Your lovely paintings & your thoughtful words attest to their infinite value.

    Thank you also for sharing Annamaria's blog. She also did a wonderful job of articulating this constant struggle that we artists all seem to have.

    Best of luck & keep making your beautiful small things! Big is not always better.

  3. maybe it's something that comes from way back when art was mainly ment to decorate cathedrals, palaces and mansions,art to impress and overwhelm, and maybe that's what people who are only interested in big still want to do today.
    but even the greatest masters made wonderful small work, size doesn't say something of the impact, the content and the perception a work has and gives.

    i love to look at your work, you manage to create a 'world' there to me, something fascinating and beautiful.

    (excuse me my bad english,i hope i made myself clear a little)

  4. sweet you
    like the others i do not believe in size
    and i do not believe he was talking about size
    but about art being something from within
    not just making but all your love into it
    (it would be sooo easy to explain in dutch....)
    i was lucky when i was in Artschool
    to find teacher who made small etchings
    and who understand my search for saying much with little
    and besides this
    i love your world, your colors and
    your way of expressing!

    Patrice A.

  5. Oh, I am feeling a wee bit thrashy over the limited scope and narrow comments of said gallery person (who seemed to continue the work that Cezanne started by paint by numbers methodology). There is nothing wrong with that SO who is one to say that one art —large or small—is more or less grand.that drives me bonkers... Ok ...so I was told once to "stop dating my work and get serious." To stop "dating" is like muzzling the romance, halting a colorful courting, holding back curious exploration to commit and discover. NEVER!
    xoxo keep the search alive, as artists we are not stagnant no matter what scale or medium we choose.

  6. Thank you for these thoughts Kristen which affirm my meandering path of creativity and encourage me - I also have had to 'fire the judge ' repeatedly in order to be true to my own voice. In art exploration is the best part I think.
    Beautiful painting here!
    Xxoo - sus

  7. Oh Kristen, if only those words had never been spoken to you. Many of the masterpieces in museums throughout the world are small, even delicate paintings! Keep creating the fabulous work! xo Carole

  8. Dear Kristen! I really LOVE these paintings! They are GREAT! ♥ C

  9. Its sometimes so hard to believe in oneself even or especially when it comes to art and creativity and the www with all the blogs confuses even more and good advises from teachers or others often destroy more than they help. But I can only recommend "stick to your ideas"!
    And your little paintings are delicate full of light and depth and a swinging energy!