Monday, April 1, 2013

We had a colorful weekend and ate way too much!
Welcome April !- hoping to get some sun on my face :)
and shed some layers of winter...maybe not clothing so much yet but at least
feeling lighter in my step with each day.
The snow is still present in patches, but there is also dew on the grass in the morning
 and the Spring Peepers have come out to sing to us.
Hope your having a good start to your week!


  1. Such pretty colors in these photos, Kristen - really makes spring seem possible, even though the forecast here still includes the term "snow showers'. I really love the second image, which looks to be part of a quilted piece? Happy April, sus

  2. dear kristen,
    yes your pictures are so hopeful and the painting amazing.
    its heartwarming to think about you, and you dear sus and almost all the other lovelies, waiting for the sun, getting snow showers instead, that the "we are all sitting in one boat" feeling:)

    xox julia

  3. the 'colorful' and 'feeling lighter' found there way into a wonderful piece of art Kristen, there is joy in it.
    at first i thought i saw a collage.
    i love the depth in this work, a landscape out of a dream becoming very real.

    spring peepers! :) xx

  4. Happy spring awakening to you, Kristen. May you days in April be brightly lit with sunshine and peepers. xo Carole

  5. Dear Kristen, I agree with Renilde that there is joy and hope in your wonderful painting and I agree with Julia, we're all sitting in the same boat waiting for SPRING. Here its sunny and nice, but still cold and ice/snow patches all around the corners, but like you, I feel lighter and my hearts jumps a little more.
    Happy april,

  6. why yes, that week did come and go, and now we're one weekend further and tired from working too... but thoroughly happy and now also in search for... that's my query;
    you play, next weekend? this is the invitation!
    i hope you are all fine too.