Saturday, May 18, 2013

DC -fillip

When Stefanie came up with the theme for this weekends drawing challenge
"fillip" I felt totally stuck...

I resisted in my head as to how to approach this theme...

But slowly an idea came

Sometimes when faced with resistance the best course of action

Is to let the idea have it's own life

and that might be the added fillip one needs to have success!

Check out Stefanie's Blog! for more creative answers to this weekend s challenge :)


  1. Your post made me smile, hihi! I love what you did to this theme, I love the pictures and the little animals;-) and the last picture: hihi!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Love your images, and yes it made me smile!

  3. How utterly charming, Kristen! I am smiling at these tiny critters. What a fun and unexpected solution to this challenge.
    xxoo. sus

  4. a fine pictuRestoRy. i like youR inteRpretation so much.
    smiling. käthe.

  5. This is great!
    I love it, so much fun and so clever.
    I know it was difficult - so fantastic what you made with it!
    Snap snap... thank you, I think you are right.
    x Stefanie

  6. haha, i can surely agree Kristen,
    :) wonderful! x

  7. well this sure is fun
    your photos came out wonderfully
    such great characters
    poor little doggie ;-)

  8. Ah yes Kristen, your muse came across, once again and entertained us all with a fun-filled frolic. I was in anticipation waiting for it to did. Awesome! Loved this to bits. N, xo

  9. Tihihi, that was a good one! Suprising and clever, funny, too! :o)

  10. Hahaha, so wonderful! I love your idea, the humor and these great photos! Thank you so much for that :-) Meike

  11. Dear Kristen, I had the same difficulties and your solution is definitely the most smartes one. Can't even describe how great and cool it is! LOVE it!!!!! Greatest post ever.
    BarbaraBee with a big big big SMILE

  12. Hi Kristen your idea is great and the story, step by step, had me trapped, but I assumed what would happen, but I was waiting for that moment, and finally the end (could be very sweet, or it could be very hard. if we imagine are people on the street looking for someone who is down, and neither does anything)
    I congratulate you, thank you for your comment!!