Sunday, May 26, 2013

DC Proverb or Saying

It 's all just a love contest
and I never lose.
Now you have another good reason
to spend more time


Patrice chose the theme for this weeks Drawing Challenge. It's proverb or saying.
I had a very hard time choosing, but read this poem by the Sufi poet Hafiz
which I have always loved and decided to use it to jump off of....
Into a bouquet of flowers.
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  1. Oh what lovely words Kristen! and your bouquet photograph, with your painting, flowers and hands is spectacular! - I think it would make a beautiful card. I must look again before I go - I will enjoy it in my minds eye all day. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful , Kristen! Lovely words & a very inspired work of art to match!

  3. oh how i love the perceptions of Hafiz
    thank you for this poem

    and your lovely art

  4. Hi Kristen this a truly lovely one and your bright colorful creation of flowers and painting is eye southing for rainweak eyes!
    Thanks for the joy.

  5. Gosh Kristen this is a most gorgeous image. I cannot tell which is real and which is painted. You have a stunning eye. I love these words and it is overall just special. Thank you for it. Lovely moment here. N, xo

  6. what a beautiful bouquet - great mix of painting and photo! and the words of hafiz are lovely.
    :-) mano

  7. Mashallah... sublime, dear Kristen!
    Wonderful choice... Hafiz, beautiful true words... sigh.
    Your colourful painting, flowers and sweet hands. I can see a heart... a sunny heart.

    xo Ariane.

  8. The cutest and beautiful flowers I've ever seen. I love your implementation of these wonderful words. Thank you so much for showing! Meike ♥

  9. ha ha ha... sufi mastership...
    i was a little puzzled by your take on colour and couldn't quite make out where the flower ended and the painting began. then i decided i needn't figure it out.
    abundance, baby!

  10. Stunning colors in this painting, dear Kristen! And I love the super-confidence of the poet. I smile!

  11. that's the right attitude Kristen dear, your dazzling illustration of Hafiz' words certainly makes me stay and dive in to a summery heart, xx

  12. by the way i'm this weeks host, i'll post a new theme this evening, maybe you feel like playing? x

  13. Lovely combination of painting and real flowers, they're floating to one! And the poem, perfect choice, happiness-boost alltogether! You definitely won the love-contest! ;o)

  14. how i long for bright colors
    a beautiful flowery image
    and a painting all together
    and words of love
    a fine post, thank you!!!

    Patrice A.

  15. Hey interesting mix between photo and drawing
    I like it!
    the words are excellent.
    It is the trust and confidence that love brings!!!
    good week for you!

  16. I love the colours of your painting and flower combination...let me think of love and summer!
    ♥ Sabine

  17. oh yeah, colors! Such a nice illustration for a Sufi poem - you know, I am interested in Sufi poetry, too, I love the imagination in it.
    x Stefanie

  18. Great poem!

    the image is pretty special too :)

    Helen x