Saturday, May 11, 2013

DC Scent

Barbara asked us this week to think about our sense of smell.
 This time of year when all my herbs come out I have the habit of picking leaves off to 
rub them between my fingers solely to enjoy their fragrance.

Which I love! 
They are so uplifting, and I encourage my kids to do the same.
So we played a little game.

We spent some time smelling several different herbs and each decided which was our favorite.
They thought lemon balm and the strawberry flower were the best...and it was hard not to disagree

But myself...I had to choose lavender, which is hard to get enough of when fresh!

It was a fun little experiment and would be fun to do with flowers, or foods, or many other things that have wonderful smells- so much of the experience of life comes to us through smell and yet we often pay so little attention to it. 

Thank you Barbara for reminding us to take time to smell the flowers :)
Please visit her blog for more scents.


  1. what a wonderful post
    and a great play you did
    i love those little hands
    hiding that what is on the paper ;^)))
    i do that too!
    rub or stroke things to smell the scent
    always stroking the laveder of our neighbour
    (beautiful drawing by the way
    wishing i was good with water color...)
    and basil or the tomato plants i just bought at the farm!

    thank YOU for remembering me!
    Patrice A.

  2. I love to rub leaves between my fingers for the scent grandmother taught me to do it.....

  3. What beauty you have provided us here - in the images, painting and idea. All so beautiful. I inhaled deeply as I looked at your images and read your post. . . and now to go do some lovely scent finding of my own! Thank you

  4. what a beautiful post and you're so right; the smell of herbs between your fingers is just wonderful! I also love lemon and mint, that's like gum on your fingers;-)

  5. yes. smell the flowers. smell everything around his. of paramount importance. luckily it also sometimes just comes to us, on a whiff, to rock us, to please.
    i like your classic painting! you are multi talented, kristen!

  6. Oh, delicious, dear Kristen!
    I rub my fingers to smell the scent of herbs, too. Sometimes the rosemary and lavender looks very similar and the finger/smell proof tells me all :)
    Its a very pretty pic with the different herbs and hands of child. And your watercolor is so fresh and softly... I like the perspective you have choosen... beautiful!

    I am looking forward to the strawberry season :)

    Wish you a happy Sunday, Dear.
    xo Ariane.

  7. Dear Kristen, I'm very happy that you choose herbs for this challenge, it was one thing I thought about also and I do the same thing rub them between my finger and I love it, if you cook and add fresh herbs.
    Your little drawing is very, very nice one.
    I bought woodruff today because I love the smell of it!
    Love Barbara
    Thanks for participating!

  8. oh yes, lavender is great, rosemary too and (haha) basil! love your post so much and - you know - all herbs! :-) mano

  9. What a charming game and way to engage your children--to share beautiful plants and earthy, vibrant, living scents with them! The lavender is a lovely little painting, too.

  10. Yes, crushing herbs - used to pluck a tiny leaf or two of lavender as we walked in the old neighborhood in Seattle summers... thanks for the memory, Kristen. -sus

  11. hey, I love that game with your children, I will do it, too, with mine, such a great idea!
    one of my favorites is lavender, I even would call it a soul plant of mine.
    would you like to play the next d.c. with me? I am the host and I would love to see you´re in!
    x Stefanie

  12. Me, too, love the smell of lavender, especially outside, when the wind blows a breeze along...makes me think of France! Lovely drawing! You know, we have a museum around here where you're invited to experience your senses. I remember a large cupboard with many drawers where smells were kept in. You had to guess what smell it was, and I tell you, it's not that easy as it seems... ;o)

  13. hmmm.... i ♥ the smell of your post. and i´m a big fan of herbs, too. every year a joy :o)

  14. oh yes,i do this, picking and rubbing and smelling,it makes me feel good, alive.
    lavender, one of my favorites too, your painting is made with love and lovely.
    my mother makes me little cotton sachets filled with dried lavender to put under my pillow, for nice dreams and to keep the mosquitoes away,i do have nice dreams :) xx

  15. Hi, Kristen,
    first: thanks for your comment.
    and now, congratulations for your cute idea!
    when I saw the picture, I thought the rosemary branches were small, and then I read lavender, and I saw your picture and I had no doubt
    is a small-beautiful watercolor!! :)
    good weekend Kristen!!!!

  16. Ah Kristen! That little game you made up. Childhood memories you have created with one of the wonders of nature (plants, and especially edible ones, and especially edible ones that smell great.) I would have to agree that rosemary is in a category of its' own. It is delicious smelling. I adore your painting by the way. It's just completely fabby. N, xo