Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy making new things for the shop this week- it's been so slow for me
and easy to let myself fall into the "wrong kind of thinking".
So instead I'm using it as time to make fun new things I wouldn't have
made otherwise. Above; Bear with glasses zipper pouch for example ;)
We had a big deer at the bottom of our yard today, I can never get good pictures 
of them so I set up my own scenario.


  1. Now that is a dear (not deer) bear!
    WE are over-run with deer here and they drive Flossy crazy. -sus

  2. How lovely to have a deer at the bottom of your yard. I am sure you enjoyed it, and love the scenario you set up to share! AND the stitched bear with glasses just makes me smile!

  3. i follow your note on wayward thinking... and yes, it helps to create. and what you have created makes sense, and is awesome!!

  4. Your bear looks quite friendly!

    We all seem to have those times when we can be our worst critics. Getting busy with a project is the best way to get past that--good job!

  5. Love this little bear pouch!