Saturday, June 8, 2013

DC Mood Board

Arianne has chosen the theme for us this week... a Mood board.

Which I took to mean a collection of things that would describe
my mood...I assume one could go on making a collection of moods

and really how wonderful that would be :)

For today I chose a straw person my son made, an embroidery on leather
from a piece of my brothers childhood cowboy vest I call constellation house.
A peony from my yard, the fabric eye and paper circle from friends, a stick I've been holding
onto for ever and a small watercolor I did this week.

This was lots of fun please check out Arianne's blog for more mood boards !


  1. Isn't it funny how a little stick can have special meaning?

    The fabric eye reminds me of a toy I had as a child.

    I was tempted to make several mood boards. too!

  2. such a wonderful collection of moods... making quite wonderful photographs
    holding memories and feelings dear ~

  3. they're all moods, true. they do represent part of us, as much as they lead to inspiration. i'v just now come to think i have never before made a mood board. i think i should. he.

  4. the last pictuRe .... i love it.
    a goRgeous collection. excuding a RefReshing silence.
    thanks. käthe.

  5. Charming moods, so true, thank you:9 x leena

  6. Dear Kristen,
    oh, what a sensual and sensible collection of moods. Wonderful soft and with depth... the strow person by you son... wearing short pants together with your constellation house... the paeony from your yard... it all touches my heart... even your stick (reminds me on the 'snake-theme')... and of course your watercolour. So fresh and you.
    Thank you very much for playing!

    xo Ariane.

  7. A most interesting and - dare I say - inscrutable collection of moods, dear Kristen! I love your style.

  8. your beautiful day at the time, living the moment, and holding on to the memories that matter, that's what your moodboard is telling me,xx

  9. I really like your mood boards
    putting together things that carry memories and mean more than one might think.

    beautiful compositions
    beautiful blog

    : )

  10. I'm really intrigued how you captured so many moods, depth and symbolic into this little nearly empty (in a good way!) places (boards)!

  11. So many moods created so simply. Lovely, Kristen.

  12. That might be a good series to show a regular moodboard! I'll think about that...
    Lovely simple, but moody compositions! All different, but still a certain main mood above. Which contains happiness, calm, purity, joy, playfulness, depth...I could go on forever I guess... ;o)

  13. they are beautiful, I love the simple order in it, it´s so clear, the materials are nice, too. my favs. are the last two, archaic and universal.
    x Stefanie

  14. The first one really struck me Kristen. That embroidery shape reminded me of a church window. So I see a person before a church window and it really grabbed me. It looks like a simple image that could adorn a Tarot card. I like the idea of 'collecting' moods. Fun! *smiles* Norma, x