Sunday, June 30, 2013

D.C time travel

This weekend  Sabine Miss Herzfrisch has asked us to think about time travel.
I must admit my first thoughts were of  Dr. Who and a few other beloved science fiction
shows and books I've read over the years...but then I thought again  and realized that time travel is really
taking place in our minds all the time. We are constantly remembering the past or anticipating the future.
Projecting ourselves in situations or reliving them. We are time traveling as we live our moment to moment days in between what is the present, or instead of or on top of.
Pretty interesting :)
Please visit Miss Herzfrisch to find other travels through time.


  1. I had never thought of it that way, but a very accurate observation!

  2. Wonderful thoughts and pictures! Those double faces make my mind travel, Leena

  3. This is a very good approach to the theme. I'll think about that for longer, that's for sure!
    And I love both your drawings, the first one even a bit more. The colours are great and it has a certain Dr.Who-ish mood within, I don't know why... ;o)

  4. such wonderful and true words
    i will have to read again
    yes, we time travel all the time
    and dr. Who, ha! ;^))
    i like both your drawings
    simple and straight
    colours and lines

    Patrice A.

  5. Kirsten, that top painting... WOW!

  6. I love your thoughts about time travel, it's really interesting. and your drawings too.
    :-) mano

  7. come to think of it that way, why... yes!
    i enjoy these doodling graphics you add as well. they mess up my usual perception. i like that.

  8. Great thoughts and drawings to time travel. Love specially the blue painting,♥Kerstin

  9. so very true
    it might also be possible that many people are traveling this way more than they stay put in the moment.

    really fun art
    i love that it is unique

    I am hosting this coming weekends DC. Please stop by my post about it and leave me a message if you would like to join us ~

    lovely week to you.

  10. Yes, you're so damn right, I guess we spend more time somewhere else than the present, especially those of us constantly worrying about the future... I guess it was Mark Twain who said:
    I have seen many bad things, most of which never really happened.
    xo BarbaraBee
    P.S. Nice artwork too!