Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I've been looking at These this week and feeling inspired
Above is a painting on birch bark I did.


  1. Wow, Kristen -now I feel inspired as well. Your little birch painting is a call to meditation and a fitting symbol for me here in Rainsylvania. Have a lovely day!

  2. oh beautiful! thanks for the interesting link, so exciting!
    x Stefanie

  3. So much inspiration for us! Thank you Kristen for the link and for showing us your wonderful birch painting.

  4. What an interesting link! Ironic, perhaps, that I come to it on a day when terrible events have occurred in Santa Monica. . .

    Some years ago I gathered a little birch bark while on a trip to Wisconsin. Maybe now I have an idea for how it can be used!

  5. Hi, Kristen. The bark adds such interesting marks to the overall composition. Lovely painting.
    best, nadia

  6. I thought leave a comment here-i which said something like that your work is so good it could be hung on the wall beside the others, (or something, I can not remember now)but my comment disappeared??!! I have dreamed that?