Thursday, June 13, 2013

Remember that deer I mentioned in my last post...
Well she came back today and I thought it was funny to see
her all alone. Usually they travel in groups or it's a boy- which she isn't.
Or maybe she was pregnant but really does she look pregnant?

Well apparently she was (past tense) and after spending the morning eating away at
our wild black berry bushes this little one appeared right outside my window!
Of course I practically fell over myself trying to take a picture...

Mama saw immediately and stomped her foot and off it went
like a flash!

I had to do some fancy foot work with photo shop to get the pictures to look half way decent
Enjoy :)


  1. I'm so glad you got to see them! We've had a visitor here for a couple years. I thought she was killed by a wolf last fall, but low and behold she turned up last week--even stuck her nose into my car window when I stopped in the driveway and rolled it down!! She was so skinny that I didn't think about a fawn til one edged out of the woods yesterday. So far, I haven't caught a snap of it. Deer will occasionally walk toward you if you stand perfectly still--they are quite curious. Just be careful around mom.

  2. What cute and wonderful neighbours you have! I want to heart the little one.
    Well done with the photos and maybe they get used to you and don't leave so quick next time.

  3. just like the bear with glasses in your previous post, cute and beautiful, even the same color scheme,
    they look so elegant and clever,
    this is what they call a sweet surprise,

  4. Oh my gosh how absolutely adorable! What a special treat to see & your photos are great!

  5. oo...wauw....
    THAT close
    we have deer here
    but not half that big ;^))

    Patrice A.

  6. Oh How I have enjoyed! Thanks for sharing.

  7. oh how sweet!
    I have had the pleasure of seeing one yesterday and one the day before. one even snuck into my painting for solstice ;-)