Friday, June 21, 2013

Solstice drawing Challenge

The summer solstice this year has been a busy one. 
I was woken up just before dawn by a Bard Owl
that I swear was in a tree outside my window
...or maybe on our roof.
We had a classic summer day today- lots of sun!
The painting I did is another God's eye after- These , that I remember
doing as a child in the summers. I suppose it's like a mandala as well,
a meditation on color, geometry and potential illusion as your eye gets led around.

Please join in the celebration of the mid year by checking out these other wonderful blogs
I so enjoy visiting and hope you will too!


  1. oh, kirsten, i get it, where you've build your vision on... i admit, i was always puzzled a little, all while enjoying the mystery. i never made such a woven thingy ever, can't remember, but the looks are familiar in the collective memory. ;)))
    now, i really love your painted versions, sleek and contemporary. yes, a visually pleasing study of colour, i agree.
    looks like you had an active midsummernight too!

  2. deers and a bard owl, you live in a fairy-tale place my dear? wonderful midsummer gifts

    i never saw or heard about these god's eyes,but i immediatly fell in love with yours, beautiful choice of colors, perfectly balanced,
    yes my eye gets led around very pleasantly, the more i look at those geometrical pieces of yours the more i like them.
    thanks for a great theme Kristen, x

  3. God´s eye is just great!
    Dear Kristen, thank you for inviting us, I am in love with your painting, an eye catcher... God´s eye is catching me and this is a very very gentle feeling.
    (!) x Stefanie

  4. Hej Kirsten! I like your painting and the colors a lot. I never made a »God's Eye«, but it really seems to be like a mandala, meditation or another relaxation exercise. Sometimes I need to do something like that.
    Have some great great summerdays and thank you for inviting us!
    Meike ♥

  5. you must live in a beautiful place my dear, sound perfect! I love your painting, the longer I look at it, the more I get lost.... beautiful, calm colours! thanks for the invitation!

  6. such wonderful visions of summer
    your painting is a joy to see
    i feel it is a mandala as well

    i was woken by a bat flying about me
    owls and bats, owls outside is better than a bat inside
    although there was something wonderful about wings flying around inside

    thank you for being our host!

  7. Hi Kristen. Your God's Eye painting is beautiful. Full of summer colours and joy. I remember wrapping wool around sticks to make God's Eyes when I was a teenager and then again with my girls.
    Thanks for hosting this week's challenge. Perfect theme.
    Here's to a long, sunny summer! xo Carole

  8. I swear I never knew it was called "Eye of God", I loved it, I think I have raised some ideas. Thanks, always, always, one has a chance to learn something new.
    thanks for your suggestion, for your invitation and for your post. :)))

  9. Im here I made it!!!!

    Oh your descriptions of summer are just lovely but you see dear Kristen we are all topsy turvy. We have just had our winter solstace and your lovely light filled summer produce with flowers is candy to eyes and warmth to my frozen toes.

    Great theme had lots of fun

    Enjoy your week
    Helen x

  10. Dear Kristen,
    where deers and the three amigos (and all the others) live, may an owl don't miss. Wonderful! Fairy!

    I have seen your God's eye at Equinox and the days before here... as your husband build a frame for four of it (and before it in the beginning of February this year)... just great!
    Love it! the form, the colour assembly... the transformation... no, the continuation of a native spiritual practice to a art piece from here and today.
    Your palette of colours here... your God's eye, the soft red of the vivid radishes (looking like funny mice-bridemaids) and the hydrangea makes it turn big... a big... huge God's eye... til my screen, Dear!
    Thank you for the naturally, wonderful theme :)

    wish you and your lovelies
    a wonderful summer-season
    xo Ariane.

  11. Dear Kristen! The painting of the God's eye is just so much more sophisticated and grown up than the ones I made as younger person with popsicle sticks and string. I do adore those ones though, and especially your link. They are humble. Sculptural. Different than your painting in feel. Your painting would be right at home in a gallery. It's just so wonderful.
    I had a great deal of fun with this theme and thank you for hosting it! Hugs, Norma, x

  12. Hi again friend! Can you make your link in this post so that it goes to my blog in general OR it goes specifically to the post about the challenge? Right now people get sent to some random post about an auction win. Thanks!
    Also, I noticed the same for Celine. It's not linked to the post about this challenge. I don't have your email address, sorry. Big hugs, Norma, xo

    1. ooops...sorry about the technical difficulty- should be all set now :) Thanks for letting me know I appreciate it :)

  13. Finally I made it in out of the sun long enough to post to the challenge and enjoy these wonderful summery images here at your place, Kristen. These photos just make me SMILE! Hydrangea is my favorite flower. Thank you for the challenge, -sus

  14. Lovely harmony of colors! x Leena

  15. What yummy solstice images. Your God's eye painting beautifully reminds me of the summer sky. The summer bounty of flowers and food - beautifully done. Sorry I couldn't join in the fun this week, but have enjoyed visiting others that joined in.
    Enjoy your summer filled with unstructured fun with the kids!

  16. dear kristen, I'm sorry that I can't join in this wonderful theme, but I was on holiday. I love your summer colours, your mandala is beautiful and the picture of red radish is summer pure.
    :-) mano

  17. Dear Kristen, never heard about these God's eye before, but I can see how relaxing and contemplating (is this a word) mandalalike way of painting it is. And your's is especially well done, I like the color scheme and how you added this little bits and pieces of warm contrasting color. It is a good painting to let your eye wander over it again and again and get every time new aspects of dimension and getting lost in it.
    During my studies I did familiar things with geometric form and nearly couldn't stop it. Its a good way to get lost in painting/drawing/doodling.
    If it didn't get clear: I LIKE it a lot!
    P.S. With my painting, its only a painting, no collage and it was planed to be this way - as far as you can know how a painting will look like in beforehand