Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer has hit and I'm craving lots of blue - still!
The kids are out of school and now I have to start living
 by the seat of my pants. Which is always an interesting challenge
switching from schedule to none- keep flexible! is running through my head now.
These days don't last forever


  1. Your blue is lovely.. and the lemon-yellow: fruity and fresh:) enjoy summer, x Leena

  2. I like this drawings an the photo!!! (This stone and this grass with its yellow flower seems like the same stones an the grass here where i live (i think this flower here is called "Gordolobo")
    i want to tell you: Thanks for your comment, you have poetry in your expression :)
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to think something about the Solstice.

  3. Jaw-dropping wonderful painting, kirsten. I love that 'live by the seat of your pants' - exactly as I remember our summers when the children were home. Enjoy! -sus

  4. love your painting. it's a bit mystical. enjoy your summer! :-) mano

  5. no, they don´t...
    your painting is beautiful!
    have a nice time
    x Stefanie

  6. Love your painting and think its funny, that we used the same color yesterday!
    Enjoy summer, it wont last forever as you said, here its cold and rainy right now...
    Wish you a wonderful summer-holiday-time.

  7. such a wonderful piece of art
    fun and makes me smile

    yes, always an adjustment when the kids are home from school
    then an adjustment when they are in school

    time does fly by.

    lovely summer days to you ~

  8. interesting resemblance between the two first photos,love it! and an origami yellow cat..this must be summer,
    enjoy your no-schedule days with your kids , x

  9. No Kristen, they don't, although they may seem to some days! Enjoy!
    I think you are already having fun by the looks of your blues and yellows.
    Sunny days to you. xo

  10. Love your golden thread here, ma'am... that yellow.. the form in your painting takes the form and silhouette of the flower and its shadow... and the nib... along to the paper yellow cat... ha! wonderful post!
    You are right... these days don't last forever.
    I will sponge up every ray of light that shines for me, every breeze, delicious scent, birds song, rustle of trees... (from experiance of the long, dark winter).

    xo Ariane.

  11. no they don't
    next week my youngest will say goodbye
    to primary school and the summerholiday
    will start
    it's all going so fast

    i am sorry i have missed the dc
    and like Ariane
    i love that golden yellow ;^))

    Patrice A.

  12. Hi Kristen, Love the painting and as always, your photo's are perfectly curated. (In this post as well as in the one preceding and following!) Our two twenty-somethings are home at the same time for a few days and we are relishing our time with them. Soak up the summer days and enjoy!