Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blog posts this time of year feel sluggish 
as I have less desire to sit in front of the 
computer with summer weather activities :)
But like a moth to the flame (and we have an inordinate
amount of moths for some reason this year)
I thought I'd share two small paintings I've managed to 
work out for a summer group show called 8Cubed
in which over two hundred canvases of the same size are displayed
from different participants.
It should be fun and I hope to post pictures later in August of how they all look together.
(Can you believe August is here!!!)


  1. Your paintings and the moths are lovely; and no, I can't believe August is here!

  2. I LOVE these, K! Congratulations. And happy summer days, sus

  3. oh yes, please, show us the panoply of all the canvases together, it will be fun. yours look just like how i've come to know your art work a little. good luck!