Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August is winding down and I always come back to these same images...the water and the sky
Perhaps it's the sense of freedom they both represent to me.
weightless in movement, open expanse.
Breathing deeper
Don't we all need a bit more of that in our lives :)

I managed to get in and see the group show I mentioned earlier that I got to participate
in and it was very interesting. This is just one wall of 8 by 8 canvases 
with mine being third in top and center.
We are heading up to Montreal for a few days but I hope to sneak back in for
Nadine's Drawing Challenge theme this weekend.
Have a great week!


  1. True, water and sky are emblems of freedom, perhaps, for me, too it is, Wind.

    Cute photos. congratulations on the expocición.
    I wonder: What is it that is going into the water? ?????

  2. I am addicted to square canvasses, and would have loved to see this show! Very fun.

    Water and sky are always good for renewal, inspiration and PLAY. May we all have more of that before summer leaves us.

  3. Hi Kristen. We were away for a week and what did I miss the most....... the water and sky that surround the Island!
    Your squares look fabulous....wish I could see them in real. Congratulations!!! That is a stunning arrangement of paintings!

  4. my dear kristen,
    beside that i still must try to handle my jealousy (a treehouse plus chickens, thats more than i can stand;)
    i love what i see here, i am always painting on squares.
    and this exhibition wall looks very good, wish i could see a close-up
    of your work!
    living pretty deep in the countryside, grrrhhh, i am always longing for big skies and water water wind and water.. any kind of water could do:)
    big hug, julia

  5. being on the water and looking up to the sky
    while sailing our beautiful boot
    the sound, the view, yes, like you
    that is freedom

    and those squares look so fine!
    i am proud!!

    Patrice A.

  6. and you have a swell time in montreal, now, hear. well done on the exhibition, it looks smashing from here. proud, you can be.

    water and sky, he. ha, don't get me started... one way or another, i must get closer...
    see you at the weekend, cheers!

  7. splash! that's the sound of nature, of summer!
    I'd love to see that exhibition, seems to be great! Congrats for being part of that!

  8. I hope you are having a wonderful time in Montreal. Yes summer is coming to an end, and beautiful fall is on its way. I love seeing your creations amongst all of the others on the wall, but needed to back up a few posts to see your individual ones a bit better. I LOVE them - love the colours, the composition, the objects and patterns - BEAUTIFUL!

  9. fun to see your SPLASH ;-)
    congrats on being in a show, i clicked on the image to see yours larger, it is a joy to see.

    wishing you a wonderful time in Montreal, makes me want to hit the road.