Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Drawing Challenge- Nature

Better late than never :)

Inspired by Nadine's theme "Nature" I initially
thought of a seed- the beginning of life that slowly grows
and evolves through layers of development.
With the potential to become anything and everything
which is nature - all things 

(in the end it kind of looks like a funky planet)
Hope your off to a good week!


  1. This beauty can look like many things. It's stunning, really. the colors contrasted with the black, the movement contained. Lovely.

  2. I love circles and I love stitches - and lovely lovely layers of colour.

  3. I like the idea of a funky rainbow planet, by the way. I'm still debating whether or not to include stitches in my piece, but it has to be finished by tomorrow. . . . ah, indecision!

    I'll be late with my final post, too, so you can be smug in the fact that yours was not the last entry for this DC. :-)


  4. how fun
    being a rainbow
    it makes me think of all life in one seed
    a nice thought
    lovely to see how you were inspired

  5. a seed becoming a funky planet!
    a seed that brings color to the planet (and oh boy they do it so passionately, unstoppable)

    nice to be back and see you at work again so inspired, so Kristen, xx

  6. Beautiful rainbow seed, love all those colors!

    Nice to meet you here!

  7. the funky planet buzz rings to mine ear!
    oh yes, everything comes together in one, one is everything... there's things that bind us.
    cheers, kristen!

  8. Yes, a funky planet has been spotted just beyond the horizon and it has drawn folk from near and wide to marvel at its' beauty and mystery and brilliance and aura. Word is travelling around the globe for folk to keep an eye out for this funky planet of colour and drama. N, xo

  9. i just love the idea you had
    a seed which hold all of it already inside
    every year again i am amazed about
    the flowers that come outof such a tiny seed
    and layers....
    i love your embroidery
    a seed filled with the colors of the Rainbow
    turned out to be a funky planet

    Patrice A.

  10. Oh I love a colorful, funky planet! just as nature, an idea just needs a seed sometime to start;-))))))

  11. great funky planet! I want to live there!!

  12. love your funky planet!
    ps...i was later than you! got mine up today, first in ages...:)

  13. Oh, that's a planet that fits my personality! Let's plant many of them! ;o)