Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August light

Rounding the corner it seems - in Summer
The light of August
while beautiful
also a bit melancholy...

Here the nights have been cooler
(Yay! for those of us who like to sleep)
but the pangs of longing for light have begun
and I find myself saying get out there while you can
Don't waste a moment :)


  1. after 6 weeks of a really exhausting heatwave, we finally have "only" about 86°F and the mornings and evenings are cooler.
    first it is great to be able to breath and sleep again, but then it starts feeling like autumn - and like you said, you start thinking "don't waste a moment!"

    ;) B

  2. Here too, dear Kristen.
    with the experience of the last dim winter in my bones I am still longing for light and enjoying each single ray.

    All the same I hope your will find time for the next dc... may I invite you to 'Bed and Board', please?

    The inversion of colour looks mystic in the first pic (hazelnuts?) and gorgeous too the second. Which plant is it?

    xo Ariane.

  3. beautiful images
    late summer
    the colors of August
    my month ;^))


  4. I agree, Kristen. We are experiencing those same pangs of relief/anxiousness that the end of summer brings. It has been hard to stay indoors and create while these delicious weather days are here!

  5. Dear Kristen, beautiful images, I'm especially drawn to the 1st one, its almost unreal, surealistic and mystic and almost like a painting.
    And I feel the same about the ending of summer, light and bright, like Arianes said, the last winter still sits in our bones and I'm such a wimpy winery SAD type and dont like the cold and the dark all around me.
    So lets celebrate every nice moment out there.