Friday, September 6, 2013

Around the house this week I feel like I've been finishing up projects that got left
 by the wayside before the summer began.

One in particular is this picture- a large painting I have been struggling with for months.

Here is a collage of all the transformations it has gone through. (whew!)
It has always been a painting about an underwater scene.
It was the kind of work that I never felt quite comfortable with- there were always parts I really liked but looking at it as a whole, it never felt complete.
Eventually I painted over the whole thing and turned it into a portrait I've named - the swimmer.
Which is loosely based on this photo I took a couple years ago

I think I'm still digesting all that I've learned from this process, and it is the first 
really large painting I've done, which is probably where the real discomfort came from
(All that space Yikes!)
It was a struggle well worth all the effort that went into it. :)


  1. I like your art, Kristen, and I am surprised to see the whole process through which it has passed this painting!

  2. Wow, very interesting to see what the process of this painting was and I must say: I love how it turned out! leave it that way, no more process, it's great!!! Love the face!

  3. Hi, Kristen. It's really interesting to see all the stages you went through. Lovely painting. I find a large canvas is daunting, but, all my art quilts just grow into b-i-g. Easier process, I think.
    best, nadia

  4. i think it is wonderful that you continued to paint over it until you enjoyed the results. I enjoy looking at it and then to see your photo after.... well it really looks like her.

  5. I enjoy seeing the progressions
    And applaud you for working BIG.
    Strong image!

  6. How great to see your process! Amazing where it went, it is always such a surprise. I love many of the steps along the way - including the final one, and really enjoyed seeing the photo that inspired the face. Lovely!
    I also wanted to answer the question about my images on tea bags - I do transfer images onto tea bags, but then add paint, pastels, ink, pen, pencil and whatever else happens to be around - sometimes covering the transfer completely.
    Enjoy your creative time now that the kids are back in school!

  7. you searched and found Kristen :)
    nice to see the collage of the transformations and how it went from busy to a lovely tranquility with just the right tension and a beautiful expressive face, xx

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  9. it probably needed to be a portrait all the time, isn't that exhilarating a thought and feeling?

  10. Oh wow, I think every version was absolutely fabulous and perfectly ready, awesome in colors. With less doubts you could had have 10 fab big paintings instead of just one truly lovely portrait! Its great that you showed the process.
    Doubt less!