Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Around the house this week we are watching the strong shadows
forming in the afternoons.
A visit from the baby deer that I first saw in June has gotten bigger
and bolder, though she still ran back behind her Mother when noise from inside
the house spooked her.
Evenings are chilly but days still hang onto heat so we are often wearing shorts and sweaters
at the same time.

Thank you! for all your kind words and for visiting my little space, as I often don't say it enough
I am grateful for virtual communion and relish visiting your blogs - it truly makes my life richer
in so many ways :)


  1. how sweet.
    thank you.
    your life is awesome, really.
    i mean. deer!

  2. your place
    makes my life richer too, that's for sure!
    oh the deer!!!
    xox julia since days happy in heavy rain:)

  3. Yes, Kristen - we are all made richer by visiting with each other in Blogland. happy autumn!

  4. Ah yes, the bright greens of summer are giving way to other hues, and the temperatures have begun to cool here too. We say the fall and winter are "potluck season", when we get to slow down from the summer frenzy and enjoy company, virtual and otherwise. No matter the weather, though, we get to share online whenever we want!

  5. Oh, the cutie again and look at this enormous large ears! Sounds like a splendid autum time, we're now having really grey autum days.