Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello September!
I am getting my creative ducks in a row
now that the kids are officially back in school
and traveling will be cut way back .
Looking forward to posting more and visiting your blogs too :)


  1. hi Kristen!
    This painting is wonderful, (I do not know why it reminds me of African paintings), really beautiful.
    It is remarkable how, according to where you live the months of the year have different meanings, for me September is synonymous with spring (obviously I live in the Southern Hemisphere)
    Thanks for your Comment!
    you're very kind! :))))

  2. still cannot believe its already September and summer is soon over...!

    big hug from vienna.

  3. Hi kristen
    I am catching up with you at last. This painting is really wonderful. Happy September to you and yours.

  4. exciting painting!
    love the colour minimalism.