Friday, October 11, 2013

D.C Homage- Kiki Smith

For the drawing challenge theme of homage I chose one of my favorite artists
KiKi Smith. I am especially fond of her fine drawing mixed in with more illusionist
components, and larger themes of regeneration and the odd sense 
of intimacy I feel when looking at her work. 

I made this drawing and added a similar effect of what looks like energy 
radiating from the animals eyes with a layer of tracing paper on top.

My kids wanted to participate this week too when I told them what I was doing.
We talked about what homage means and they both chose something special to honor in a drawing
that I'd like to share as well....

My son chose to honor the manatee :)

and my daughter chose her bird counter part the Phoebe.

For more homage's please visit these other wonderful blogs- I know I am!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)



  1. haha, I mentioned her as well, I love her work! But in the end I choose someone else... and that is good because you made a wonderful homage! I really like it and at the same time it's different. The tiger as a whole different energy then the one Smith used. Yours is more agressive but I mean that in a good way! Your homage is beautiful! And the ones your kids made are so sweet, how great that they wanted to play and learn something at the same time ;-)

  2. thank you for introducing her beautiful work!!
    i love the layers, the paper, the drawings
    and your homage!
    the deer, i just love that deer....
    the drawings of your kids made me smile
    and remind me of the time my kids were small....
    lovely participation!

    i posted my homage....

    wish you a fine, fine weekend!
    Patrice A.

  3. thanks for letting us in on a wonderful source. strange sense of intimacy, yes. now, that feels good. i actually thought the tigre was another kiki, you know? so. there.
    your kids did good too. indeed, how lovely they felt like doing an homage themselves.
    i've loved this theme, though it didn't come easy.

  4. Thank you Kristen for this week's challenge. It was difficult to choose just one idea! I love your tiger's energy coming from his eyes. He looks like he could see right into someone's soul! Have a fantabulous weekend with your talented kids! xo Carole
    PS the package arrived yesterday. THANK you for your fine sewing!

  5. It's so great that you involved your kids--wonderful way to create good memories and encourage budding artists.
    best, nadia

  6. dear Kristen, Kiki Smith is a great artist indeed,
    your tiger drawing is radiating power, instinct but there's also a kind of softness in it, i find those things in Kiki's work too,
    i like how your kids joined in, i imagine you explaining to them and they taking it all in and make drawings too, just lovely :)
    thanks for being our host, xx

  7. Dear Kristen, I'm not that familiar with Kiki Smith and now after seeing your wonderfully made hommage drawings, which I really, really like, its totally clear that this is a circumstance, that I have to change asap!
    Your kids are absolutly amazing, their work is cute and great too and tell your son that manakees are one of my favorite anilmals too!!
    Love to you all
    P.S. Thank you for this wonderful theme!

  8. It is just great that your children have played along this week. Their contribution is very enjoyable to say the least! Thoughtful, considerate, and with beautiful illustrations to make their point. Just lovely! Tell them I love their work.:)

    Kiki Smith is one of my personal favourite artists. I learned of her through an interior decor magazine years ago when her apartment was featured. It was stuffed with art mixed in with her living things. Her kitchen counter had the usual suspects, but with huge sculptures and other art materials. I've since seen other interior decor mags. with her living space featured. She's moved to much larger digs. But her work is always fascinating to me. I love her scale (often large) and her personal take on things. One installation she did years ago was of crows laying dead on the floor. It was a large space and she had to make a whole lot of crows. They were life-size and the political statement was about pollution. At that same time, and perhaps a part of the same installation (I forget now) she did life-size humans hanging from the wall leaning forward with their hair covering much of the figure. The hair was real horse's manes. It was stunning to say the least. I love her a lot. Thanks for this drawing challenge Kristen! N, xo

  9. p.s. I like your tiger drawing too. I'd like to see more of this type if you feel inspired ever, to do more. The energy has movement in this piece, so is energized and is powerful. Love it!!! N, x

  10. Kristen, when I see the children's art (in this case your children) for me, there is no other art on the planet. For me (I repeat) in this post, your children will get my homage, two excellent artists (from here to the moon and back) :)))

  11. what a great homage to kiki smith! your drawings are so powerful and at the same time so fine - I love the crushed paper, the pencil drawing, the lines, the coloration.
    and the paintings of your children are so lovely, they follow in your footsteps!!
    my homage is online!
    :-) mano

  12. Dear Kristen,
    thank you for reminding me on Kiki Smith! love her art work! And even your homage! You have captured her special way to show energy... and your kids, wow, they turned the inside out like Kiki, too.
    You must live in an beautiful open atmosphere!

    xo Ariane.

  13. Kiki Smith is one of my all-time favorite artists and people, and I like your homage drawing, Kristen. If you haven't seen her excerpt on Art 21 (PBS series), please do.
    Your children's drawings are just fantastic. I love that they have chosen to give homage to these animals. Well done!
    xxoo, sus

  14. oh how wonderful, manatee's, kiki smith, a big, prtotecting bird and a tiger,
    that's enough to make a living;)?? great work dear kristen and the works of your children make my heart melt.
    i love manatiee since many many years and i really don't know many people who do that too!
    love+hugs, julia

  15. dear Kristen, great post! I love Kiki Smith but I did not really mentioned that drawing, very inspiring and so is your drawing and well, the ones of your kids are the best!
    x Stefane