Saturday, October 5, 2013

DC theme- Cup

The little pink cup
sits among the house plants.
My heart swells in love

The drawing challenge this weekend is from lovely Stefanie
whose blog is always a joy to visit :)
Pop over for more variations on the theme "Cup" and have a great weekend!


  1. Love this little pink cup, Kristen. Makes me think a fairy may have visited you and your little one was recovering from surgery! Glad health is returning.

  2. as does mine; swell.
    how fantastic.

  3. oh, oh, oh - I'm in love with this little cup too!
    :-) mano

  4. So sweet, little and pink !

  5. Oh what a cute little pink cup, it makes me feel to hug and protect it.

  6. hihi, you made me laugh with your sweet pink cup! I really like it and the pink goes great with all that green!

  7. Terrific texture in this painting, Kristen, with the pow of pink in all that grey and green. Wonder the dimensions of this piece? I could see it really huge -
    xxoo, sus

  8. I love it! a pink cup... it´s just amazing beautiful great! I love your style!
    thank you x Stefanie

  9. hello kristen,
    oh yes, i'm with carole, fairytales...

  10. a little poem
    about a sweet pink cup
    i love this painting, the texture!
    it feels like a page out of a book
    a children's book
    but i have said that before didn't i....

    Patrice A.

  11. Indeed, dear Kristen,
    before I have read your words, your painting let even my heart swell...
    I like the play of light and shadows very much, each of them as a sweet shield. Maybe it is the atmosphere of protecting and nurturing... I have the feeling that this is a situation in your home, at your table (the jacks in the background as a source of energy and connection) with your house plants... and your pink cup...
    so lovely.

    Please, sweet hostess of this weekend, let us know your theme...

    xo Ariane.

  12. Such a pretty pink cup dear Kristen! I like the houseplants that keep good company with this cup. It is a nice warm feeling, especially on this rainy dark day outside. Have a nice time!! *smiles* Norma, xo

  13. a little everyday scene maybe, but you make me feel now what you feel looking at it,
    the way we can get touched by simple things, it makes them special, it's lovely Kristen, xx

  14. Hi Kristen, I love your painting, the color contrast is spectacular. I do not know the dimensions of this painting, but it would be excellent if measured as 2 and a half meters x 2 meters, shocking!
    good week for you and thank you for your comment!
    BTW: beautiful, beautiful! the little girl in yellow dress!

  15. I am spellbound and the pink cup doesn't leave my thoughts!

  16. The cutest pink cup I'ver ever seen! :)