Saturday, October 19, 2013

Drawing Challenge- Pattern

I had fun this week looking for patterns in nature 
and then super imposing a simple dot pattern
over the pictures I took- I have a thing for
polka dots lately-
Barbara bee gave us this challenge to chew on, and again
it was a lot to take in, I mean pattern is literally every where
when you start looking for it :) so it was tough to know which way to go!
Please visit her lovely blog for more pattern themes and have a great weekend 


  1. wonderful to see the gorgeous patterns you found and photographed
    then the dots on top is a fun way to play with them

    i think i will look for patterns in nature today.

  2. Yes pattern are everywhere, but your polka dot pattern design above all is simple but extremely lovely. Ha, and I was thinking about showing some shell patterns too! Don't they have amazing pattern and colors? Nature is the best pattern designer of all.
    Wish you a nice weekend.
    Barbara Bee

  3. I love your pink dots :-) ! just great!
    :-) mano

  4. Polka dots...... the best pattern ever designed, ever!!!
    How clever to add them to your photos, Kristen. I'm loving the pillow by the way. xo Carole

  5. i think i appreciate much the quirk in your interpretation, can i call it that? i think i can sense those dots. and anyway i'm nuts for dots too...

  6. oh yes, so very nice!
    nature gives the best patterns and you make it even better, love them all! the fun! the beauty!
    x Stefanie

  7. love these!!!!
    the dots just make them even better

    Patrice A.

    me too
    a dot-lover

  8. Well, this take on pattern really made me smile, Kristen. I love pink polkadots on nature - would have never seen that but for you! -sus

  9. i always like the way you surprise us Kristen, fine idea, the change your dots make is very pleasing to the eye, xx

  10. nature is really a perfect and inspiring pattern designer! I enjoy your playful polkadots!

  11. Cheerful and beautiful, I do love the pink dots:D Leena

  12. Dear Kristen,
    wonderful pattern of nature (love the sunflower!) and you extol it with your pink polka dots to art. Simply great your modern raster!

    xo Ariane.

  13. the stone is very similar to the stones that are here in the river. I love the dots on the photos, gives the image an extra dimension that produces some sort of "creative distortion" in my mind
    I like your post Kristen!

  14. This is so simple, but wonderful! Purity somehow. Love it!